40 by 20 Backdrop at the Greek Theatre, Berkeley

Dye sublimation fabric printer

Make Huge Impressions. Express Your Self With Printed Fabric.

Printed fabric provides the style various designs, smooth, lightweight and silky experience. Dye sublimation printed fabrics are only an ideal solution for high-end looking graphics.

The versatility of fabrics and custom printed fabrics provides you with many brand new opportunities with additional ways to promote upcoming events, tradeshows, group meetings and point of purchase displays at retail locations.

The dye sublimation textile publishing procedure provides vivid colors, wrinkle resistant, razor-sharp text and deep concentrated blacks and layouts longevity. Especially developed inks β€œsublimate” – (permanently steamed) - to the fibers of the textile, so the last product is practically wrinkle no-cost, washable and extremely lightweight.

We now have worked with countless various dye sublimation textile products in recent times and possess an incredible level of experience.

Think tradeshow booth visuals, silicone polymer edge POP retail frame displays, custom backdrops, soft signage ads, flags, dining table tosses, cushions, artwork, design elements and more – Image Craft provides high-end as much as 10 base large dye sublimation productions and 16 foot wide electronic material printing options. We offer custom-tailored solutions and completing for almost any one of your soft signage textile jobs.

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