Dyed silks for Carding

Can silk be dyed?

This easter, forgo the candy-colored pills and vinegar for dyeing eggs with silk neckties. You can get a hold of silk connections within thriftstore (or maybe this is your opportunity to release the men in your lifetime from any out-of-date neckwear). Dyeing eggs with neckties is one of my personal favorite seasonal projects because it includes green-crafting techniques and, because you never know which connections makes the prettiest eggs, there’s a delightful mystery to it-all.

My best friend’s aunt showed us this as soon as we had been children. From the initially I unwrapped my tie-wrapped egg…MAGIC!!! They’re nevertheless so fun to unwrap. Martha Stewart featured this technique in her own web mag in 2006, but I’d like to believe that we overcome Martha to it.

Anyhow, on using the egg-dyeing!

I am hoping this inspires you to provide the silk-dyeing a try. As for how to handle it with your dyed eggs, I’ve read some warnings on the web about not eating them because the dye isn’t technically food-safe. But we’ve always eaten all of them with no harmful effects. Maybe the ill effects tend to be coming…reader Joan who's a fiber artist commented below to remind everyone else to a) maybe not consume these and b) dye them in a separate cooking pot. Many Thanks Joan!

You'll have them in a cool, dried out place and in the long run the eggs will obviously dry up around. Provided that they don’t break (which would be a nasty, smelly affair) you can make use of all of them year in year out as design. My mom however sets aside eggs that people dyed over a decade ago.

A number of commenters have actually expected why-not hollow out the eggs first. I’ve done it both ways plus in my knowledge, hollowing all of them on helps make the eggs pretty fragile. The pictures transfer best when you wrap the eggs TIGHTLY, which is hard to do whenever you’ve hollowed all of them. Possibly i recently don’t have actually a delicate sufficient touch…you can certainly try hollowing all of them very first and also you might have better luck than me! I’d rather only let them dry obviously with time.

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