Dyeing with rit dye

Dyeing with Rit

Prewash item become colored to remove any finishes that may affect the dye being soaked up evenly.

Protect work area with a synthetic table address. .

Approximate the weight associated with the item is dyed to ascertain how much dye to use. As a guideline, ½ container fluid dye or 1 box dust dye will color as much as one pound of textile.

Fill huge synthetic container or dishpan with hot water (140F), enough for the material or item to maneuver easily (about 3 gallons for starters lb of textile). If regular water is not hot adequate, warm some liquid in a tea kettle or in the microwave oven.

Putting on rubberized gloves, shake dye bottle or break down one package of powdered dye thoroughly in 2 cups of scorching liquid. Include dye to water and blend well.

For cottons, break down 1 cup sodium in 2 glasses of warm water; blend well. Add to dye shower. For silk, wool or nylon, add 1 cup of white vinegar to dye bath. If at all possible, wait 5 minutes before adding salt or vinegar. This will help advertise degree dyeing Add squirt of dishwashing fluid. Stir really.

Making use of a report bath towel or scrap of material, test dye color to ensure it's the tone you need. If shade is just too light, include more dye. If shade is too dark, include more liquid.

Wet fabric or item with warm water, then squeeze out excess water. Smooth out wrinkles and add to the dye bath.

Stir constantly — forward and backward, and up and down — for 10 to thirty minutes or until desired color is attained . Ensure that the item does not get turned or tangled because could cause irregular dyeing. The longer them is in the dye bathtub, the darker the color are. Take into account that the dye shade will be darker whenever item is wet.

Pull item from the dye bathtub and rinse completely in heated water, slowly making the water cooler before water operates obvious. Optional: To reduce color bleeding, use Rit Dye Fixative for several cotton fiber materials immediately after dyeing, following instructions on bottle.

Clean product yourself in hot water with moderate detergent and rinse completely yet again in cold water. Or, launder item when you look at the automatic washer with an old towel.

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