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Fabric Dyeing color mixing chart

Jacquard Procion MX Magenta DyeProcion MX kind dyes are combined to attain any hue imaginable. It is advisable to begin with just single-hue unmixed dyes as the mixing primaries, because premixed colors can have unexpected resutls, with regards to the various propterties of this dyes included. Start to see the charts back at my web page Which Procion MX colors tend to be pure, and which mixtures? for the various specific brands utilize the various mixing primaries offered by the main dye companies.

Just what colors must I focus on?

Start to see the Procion MX section towards the top of my web page What colors should I buy to begin with?. You will need, at minimum, yellowish MX-8G, turquoise MX-G, and red MX-8B, plus a premixed black such black MX-CWNA. For intermediate dye mixing, you ought to, furthermore, get yellow MX-GR, orange MX-2R, blue MX-R, blue MX-G, and both blue MX-2G or dark blue MX-3R. In addition suggest yellow MX-3R or 3RA, brown MX-GRN, red MX-5B, magenta MX-B (ProChem's boysenberry), and violet MX-2R.

Dye Mixing Charts

We have copies of three units of color blending charts right here on this site:

The Jacquard goods chart gets the disadvantage (or advantage) of utilizing volume dimensions, such teaspoons, in place of body weight, like grms. Color mixing is much more hit-or-miss once you measure by volume, because various lots of dye could be more or less thick than past dyelots. Measuring with a teaspoon is quicker and simpler, but calculating by fat with a suitable scale gives far more reproducible results. One other two charts depend on grms instead of teaspoons.

The Jacquard Products together with Maiwa Handprints charts both necessitate a number of their premixed colors besides the unmixed Procion MX mixing primaries. Neither reveals shade swatches for the colors produced; utilize the shade brands as your guide.

The Dreamline plan, shown with swatches suggesting feasible color outcomes, is founded on two sets of three colors. The first, for brilliant colors, uses yellow MX-8G, red MX-5B, and (i believe) turquoise MX-G; the next, for much deeper colors, utilizes yellow MX-3R, red MX-B (I'm maybe not 100percent certain which dye they indicate), and navy MX-3R.

On Line Dye Mixer Applet

An effective way to preview what various colors it is possible to blend to create another color is Olli Niemitalo's wonderful Dye Mixer Applet, at . It really is a powerful way to test out dye shade mixing, but unfortunately it offers maybe not been calibrated for simply how much dye must get each color. Should you want to use it to specify just how many grms of each and every dye you need to mix, you will have to create your very own swatches with every regarding the pure unmixed colors you are making use of as your mixing primaries. The Dye Mixer Applet doesn't add a number of the Procion MX blending primaries, therefore does consist of some premixed colors.

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