Different ways of dyeing fabric

Jet DyeingDyeing can be carried out making use of continuous or batch procedures. Yarn dyeing can be used generate interesting checks, stripes, and plaids with different-coloured yarns inside weaving procedure. Substances which result these changes are called dyestuffs.

Yarn Dyeing

Yarn dyeing is employed to create interesting inspections, stripes, and plaids with different-colored yarns in the weaving procedure. In yarn dyeing, dyestuff penetrates the materials in the core regarding the yarn.

Some ways of yarn dyeing are stock, package, and skein dyeing. Inventory dyeing dyes fiber making use of perforated pipes. In package dyeing (Figure 11), spools of yarn tend to be piled on perforated rods in a rack and immersed in a tank in which dye is then required outward from rods under some pressure. The dye will be pressured straight back through the packages toward the guts to completely enter the complete yarn. Many carded and combed cotton utilized for knitted outerwear is package-dyed. In skein dyeing, yarn is loosely coiled on a reel and colored. The coils, or skeins, tend to be hung over a rung and immersed in a dyebath (Corbman, 1975). Skein-dyed yarn is employed for cumbersome acrylic and wool yarns. Typical convenience of package dyeing gear is 1, 210 weight (550 kg) as well as skein dyeing equipment is 220 weight (100 kg).

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