Dyeing of fabrics

Dyeing of Fabrics

The first thing I do whenever I am beginning to dye should prepare my fabrics. In guide We have you dye fat quarters of plane material in six various gradations. To get ready to dye 1st gradation you need to get your fat quarters ready. I've found that this technique works very well. I will suggest if possible NOT to dye within home. Get a hold of somewhere which from food preparation, the storage, basement, or back yard.

You do desire to work with a countertop large surface. I have a table in my own basement that We have lifted on PVC pipeline. And/or top of washer and dryer is very effective too in the event that you cover the surface with a classic bath towel or blanket.

Initially fill the container your fabric will soak in with hot-water and add in the salt carbonate. I prefer a 5 gallon bucket and fill it about 3/4 associated with way with hot-water. We add in 1 cup of salt carbonate and swirl it around. It really is nice if you have a bucket with a lid, although not essential.

2nd we rip all my fabrics into fat quarters. The gradation when you look at the book is a 12 action gradation so you need 12 fat quarters, or three yards of material. Rip a yard in half and rip both halves in two. Make a stack of these fabrics and quantity all of them with a black sharpie marker in part. Number all of them from 1-12 and pile these with number one at the top. Then simply take all of them as a unit and drive all of them in to the bucket to ensure that most of the fabric is soaking as well as the # 1 textile is on the top. After about a quarter-hour of soaking pull all of them out so that they hang over the advantage a little and it's also very easy to grab the quantity 1 textile when you begin your gradation.

Third you wish to ready your dyes. When you are using the dyes you intend to put on a mask, gloves, and an apron and I also like to have a towel tucked into my waistline. This is not a glamorous job and also you may get some messy. We have dye clothes that i usually wear, old jeans and tee-shirt, dye sweatshirt for cool times, dye shoes as well as dye underwear. In which dye places dye remains. though it will wipe off of counter tops and floors, but you don’t desire to take any chances. I also have actually a rubber mat that We get up on into the cellar to support. A concrete floor will likely make your entire body ache after standing on it for almost any amount of time.

We will carry on with this on Monday therefore keep tuned in.

Let me reveal among the colorways that we make use of by myself quilts ALL the time.

It is very important to utilize good sense and safety precautions when you are combining your dyes. I wear a non porous mask so that i actually do maybe not inhale any dry dye particles. Even though the dyes aren't poisonous they could trigger allergies.

You need to make certain you tend to be wearing gloves, I prefer disposable people but truly reusable rubberized gloves are superb. I did son’t like all of them since they were too large back at my arms. But not long ago I discovered some plastic gloves at JoAnn’s which are smaller and fit my hand nice. They certainly were inside farming area.

You should designate some old clothes for the dye clothes. I have a few pair of old jeans, t-shirts and a few sweat tops, a couple of old shoes and socks. And I constantly wear an apron over that.

I also like to have a stack of old clean clothing useful and I keep a clear one tucked into my waistline to wipe my practical when I are working. I rewash the clothing when I rinse out the colored fabric that we will talk about later.

We destination a vintage towel or newsprints at first glance I will be mixing my dyes. I spritz this with water such that it is wet. This area then will catch any stray dye dust which could spill when you are working, and remain where it lands and will be easily cleaned up later. I prefer a mature blender to combine the dyes and I also place the blender inside a dish pan. This may catch some of the spills when I am combining the dye into the blender.

I do want to have my containers that'll support the blended dye prepared and available to put the mixed dye in as soon as I have combined it. I focus on top of my washing machine and a long table making sure that We have lots of area for all the things Im dealing with.

To combine the dyes i personally use regular mixing Tablespoons and teaspoon and regular measuring glasses. I love the mixing spoons being on a ring like that i could constantly choose the best one whenever I require it.

For every single associated with the three colors that i shall combine a have actually a different container to put the dye in and I also love to label them to ensure that I am able to see instantly exactly what color I will be using. Although this appears a little redundant as you care able to see the difference in colors, it will help me aesthetically differentiate among them.

To combine the dyes we add 4 cups of heated water to my blender. For every shade I prefer 2 amount TABLEspoons put in the blender aided by the hot-water and combined on large for about 30 seconds. Pour the blended dye in to the bigger container noted with all the proper color. We blend three colors to complete the gradation. Yellow, Red, and Blue. This is the warm color gradation. Lemon-yellow, Fuchsia and Turquoise is an independent cool color gradation. Combining the gradation will likely to be next…

Pink SunrisePink Sunrise is regarded as those gradations that simply seems like you want to eat it. It reminds myself of rainbow sherbet. I utilized these colors to help make the plants inside little “Starburst Lillies” quilt.


When I have my three primary dyes mixed and my material soaking, I remember to cleanup the location I will be taking care of and set-out the containers i am going to put my colored fabric in.

I would like to eliminate the blender while the dye dust pots and put down my smaller bins to carry the dyed material. I love to use little glad ware like bins without zip lock baggies. I love all of them for two explanations. 1. They've been stack-able when they tend to be filled and 2. These are generally easier to completely clean and use again.

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