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Dyeing of Dresses

dyeing Herve Leger gownBy Bebefuzz

Whether it is because you have a really stubborn stain on a pale Herve Leger, or simply just because you desire the dress was in an alternative color, some people have actually wondered if it had been feasible to dye Herve Leger. Well, you are finally planning discover! :)

I have to say that dying Herve Leger wasn't a hassle-free procedure. It is definitely troublesome. You can find what to be cautious about, and some unforeseen shocks. See the full article if you should be thinking about carrying this out!

Materials Necessary For Dyeing:

drying cloth products resourcesBucket - Get a great deal larger one as compared to the one that I used, unless you're dying some thing smaller like a high or top. A too little bucket like mine trigger unequal dyeing.
Herve Leger dress is colored
RIT powder dye
Some type of stick(s) for blending - I utilized two barbecue skewers. One plastic/styrofoam cup Bleach to clean up a while later Rubber gloves - i did not have these, but these would-have-been wonderful!

So... onto the tips! We fundamentally accompanied the container directions specified from the dye box:

1: Mix Dye

rit container dye instructionsMix one cup of heated water with half of the powder (0.5 oz). Stir really. It's advisable that you use a throwaway glass, as dye is certainly going inside it!

2: Mix the Dye Shower

Pour 1.5 gallons of hot boiled liquid to your container. Then stir within mixed dye through the glass. Stir the bucket. The container that individuals utilized was really also tiny for huge Herve Leger dress. If it had allowed much more space, our dye outcomes would-have-been better.

3: Wet the Herve Leger in plain hot water.

Most of these small steps will impact exactly how even the dye task works out.

mixing fabric dyeStep 4: Submerge the Herve Leger into the container

Gently swirl the gown for at the very least 20 minutes. The longer the dress is swirled and relocated around, the greater even the dye is going to be. Regrettably, because our bucket ended up being so little for the Herve Leger gown, this was the reason why we'd some uneven dyeing.

Action 5: Rinse

Start by rinsing the Herve Leger in warm water, and steadily change to cold-water. Eventually, wash the dress with light detergent. Rinse before water is operating obvious. This was the absolute most aggravating the main procedure. It took permanently for it to stop running somewhat green. It is best to try this in a white bathtub, so you can see what along with of the liquid is. Don't be concerned, it's not going to color your tub, if you wash it instantly a short while later with a little chlorine.

Final Step: Drying Out

Toss it in to the dryer! Quickest step! We put this into the dryer on high heat for around 45 moments, considering that the dress had been drenched.

mixing textile dye wet material before dyeing dyeing herve leger gown rinsing fabric dye

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