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Different types of Tie dye

The history of dyeing is dated to pre-historic times. This art discovers its mentions inside Alexander the great time texts towards breathtaking printed cottons of India. As per evidences in Historical Texts, initial Bandhani saree ended up being worn during Bana Bhatt`s Harshacharita in a royal marriage. It had been thought that using a Bandhani saree can bring great future to a bride. The dyers have actually tried the usage different elements both natural and manufactured for a long time. In addition you will find experiments with different binding/tying techniques to produce patterns on cloth immersed in bins of dye. Various kinds of wrap and dyes have-been practiced in India, Japan, and Africa for hundreds of years. Tie-dye became totally created in China during the T`ang dynasty (618-906 A.D.) plus Japan through the Nara duration (552-794 A.D.)

Tie-dye boomed back to popularity within the late sixties. Celebrities like Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Jerry Garcia have been part of the subculture were partly responsible for bringing the appearance returning to life.
At EastEssence we pride ourselves in exposing the unique and ethnic techniques on modern-day silhouettes.

"I became therefore excited to see connect dye items in your website. It’s a favorite product in Nigeria. I couldn’t wait to inform my whole family about any of it. Even my son had been excited in my situation!"
- Buyer from Nigeria

East Essence’s tie-dye collection is produced with veggie organic dyes one-piece at a time and holds a myriad of tunics, dresses, hijabs.
Each piece is made to order after which control colored within our labs. No two pieces can look alike because of the dye process. It will require 2-3 days to complete the method from stitching to dying & finishing.
Finally, it's packed and shipped towards doorstep for an unbeatable price!

Shop our collection here.Shop our collection right here.

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