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Types of dyes in Textiles

Dyeing the most efficient and well-known methods utilized for colouring fabrics as well as other materials. Dyes are employed in a variety of sectors, from cosmetic manufacturing towards health industry. The two amounts associated with Handbook of textile and commercial dyeing supply an in depth summary of the most recent methods and equipment found in the dyeing industry, and examining dyes and their particular application in many different different commercial areas.

Amount 1 handles the concepts of dyeing and methods found in the dyeing procedure, and talks about the various types of dyes available. Component one begins with a general introduction to dyeing, which can be followed closely by chapters that study numerous areas of the dyeing process, from pre-treatment of textiles into equipment utilized. Chapters partly two then review the key types of dyes made use of today, including disperse dyes, acid dyes, fluorescent dyes, and many more for a diverse number of programs.

Featuring its distinguished editor and contributions from some of the world’s leading authorities, the Handbook of textile and professional dyeing is a vital reference for manufacturers, colour technologists and product developers doing work in many different sectors, and will also be suited to educational use.

  • Examines dyeing and its application in many different various industrial sectors
  • Handles the maxims of dyeing and techniques utilized in the dyeing procedure, including kinds of dyes available

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