How to Set Tie-Dyed Cotton

Best way to set Tie dye

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  1. Prepare your workshop. Protect your projects location with report towels or have them nearby, as the dyes will stain exposed textile or any other porous areas.
  2. Rinse your tie-dyed clothes.
    • Put your tie-dyed material in cold, running water within the sink. The cold water wash sets the colors and prevents the dye response with all the material.
    • After the product is completely full of liquid, switch from cold to hot water. Rinse the textile before the water begins to run obvious.
    • Set your tie-dyed clothes aside in writing towels.
  3. Ready your washing machine.
    • Fill your washing machine with hot water. Choose the load-size.
    • To wash a full load of tie-dye products, usage 1/4 cup (60 ml) synthrapol detergent.Image titled Wash Tie Dyed Fabric Step 2 reduce steadily the number of synthrapol detergent with respect to the measurements of your wash load, eg 1/8 glass (30 ml) for a medium load. You may use as little as 1 tbsp. (14.79 ml) to 1/4 cup (60 ml) synthrapol detergent with regards to the measurements of your wash load. Small the strain, the less synthrapol detergent you certainly will utilize because of its large focus.
  4. Wash your tie-dyed materials.
    • Include your tie-dyed product to your hot water within the automatic washer. Wash normally for a complete cycle.
    • Whenever cycle is finished, look in the washing machine to pay attention to any free dye hemorrhaging out from the fabric.Image titled clean Tie Dyed Fabric Step 4 If free dye occurs, wash your tie-dyed material through a number of additional washing rounds making use of small amounts of synthrapol detergent before the liquid is completely clear through the rinse period.

Process 1

Washing Tie-Dyed Fabric Without Synthrapol Detergent
  1. Rinse the tie-dyed fabric when you look at the sink. Put your tie-dyed product right under a running stream of cold water.
  2. Change the liquid heat from cool to heat when all the free dye is taken away from the material.
    • Still rinse the tie-dyed material for a few minutes under warm water.
  3. Clean tie-dyed fabrics by themselves inside washing machine with regular laundry detergent for a couple of cycles unless you can verify the rinse pattern liquid is totally clear.

Process 2

Drying Out Tie-Dyed Textile
  1. Allow to dry completely using regular dryer methods. You may want to put those items flat to air dry.
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