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Best way to use Rit dye

Dyeing in a washing machine is one of convenient way of dyeing huge things and it surely will perhaps not damage or stain the machine if done correctly. We can't say equivalent for virtually any kind of material, though. Things must be dyed regarding hottest period therefore we cannot recommend using this method for items that tend to be washable in chilled water or are dry-clean only as they’ll probably shrink. We additionally usually do not suggest that you dye wool in the washing machine because felting may occur; unless, definitely, that is the appearance you’re going for, after that dye away.

To dye items to a lighter or different color, first use Rit Color Remover to make it white; this will assist make sure you obtain the shade you desire. Or decide to try your hand at overdyeing. it is most readily useful not to meet or exceed 8 bundles of dust or 4 containers of liquid dye per load as such a thing over that may probably go to waste within the machine’s clean cycle.

Preparation, dye and clean up time: About an hour

You’ll Need

  • Item(s) to dye
  • Rit Dye, liquid or dust
  • 1 glass sodium or white vinegar, depending on item
  • Measuring cup
  • Rubber gloves
  • Liquid detergent
  • 1-2 cups chlorine bleach
  • 3-4 old towels
  • Optional: Rit Dye Fixative


  1. Prewash what to remove any finishes that could restrict its ability to soak up the dye.
  2. To determine the amount of dye required, weigh the things is dyed collectively. Those items should really be dry whenever weighed. If a scale is not readily available, refer to the chart to estimate the quantity of dye needed per load.
  3. Make use of the hottest environment and fill the device with sufficient hot water for the fabric to move freely.
  4. Shake liquid dye containers before pouring. Dust dye should be pre-dissolved in 2 cups of heated water before being included and stirred really.
  5. Putting on rubber gloves, add the dissolved dust or liquid dye toward water in the machine. Blend well to uniformly circulate the dye.
  6. Wet item in hot water, erase any lines and wrinkles and include it toward dye within the washer.
  7. If dyeing natural fibers like cotton or linen dissolve a glass of sodium in four cups of very hot plain tap water and include it to your dye bath when you look at the washing machine. If dyeing silk or nylon add a glass of white vinegar into the dye bathtub.
  8. Things ought to be when you look at the dye shower for a minimum of 30 mins to at the most one hour ahead of the wash period starts. Make use of a long setting, or reset the environment before the wash period begins to increase the wash time. Keep in mind that the much longer that is in the dye bathtub, the darker along with will undoubtedly be. For cumbersome products, such draperies or big slipcovers, we recommend preventing the wash load sporadically to detangle and unwind them. This may help prevent unequal dyeing and lighter areas from developing. Make every effort to wear plastic gloves whenever dealing with the item mid-cycle.
  9. Optional: to lessen color bleeding, usage Rit Dye Fixative on cotton fiber materials right after dyeing, following directions on container.
  10. Rinse products through the washing machine in cold-water to get rid of excess dye.
  11. Wash products in hot water with mild detergent and rinse carefully with chilled water once again inside device.
  12. Hang product to dried out or device dry.
  13. To completely clean the automatic washer: making use of hot water in addition to “high” level environment, clean the washer with 1-2 glasses of fluid bleach. Make sure to wipe all over within the top and pour only a little bleach through the interior dispenser as dyes will get into these places. Fill washer to highest water-level utilizing the hottest water heat environment. Add detergent and 2 glasses chlorine bleach and run a full wash pattern with three or four old towels.

Choose the best Number Of Rit Dye:

Size of Device Load (Water Level)


Gloves, underwear, tights, socks, scarves, t-shirt, blouse, clothing, vest, pillow address, placemats, doilies, absolute curtains.
Approx. Dry Weight of Fabric 1/4 to 1 pound.
Rit Powder Packages 1/2 to 1
Rit Liquid Bottles 1/4 to 1/2

MEDIUM 1 (Medium)

Jeans, pants, gown, skirt, consistent, sweatshirt, tablecloth, dust ruffle, canvas tote case.
Approx. Dry Weight of Fabric 1 to at least one 1/2 lbs.
Rit Powder Packages 1 or 2
Rit fluid Bottles 1/2 to at least one

MEDIUM 2 (Medium)

Running fit, sweater, robe, denim jacket, shower pad (perhaps not rubber-backed).
Approx. Dry body weight of Fabric 1 1/2 to 3 pounds.
Rit Powder Packages two to three
Rit fluid Bottles 1 or 2

BIG (Huge)

Curtains/draperies, 4 hand towels plus washcloths, sheet plus 2 pillowcases.
Approx. Dry Weight of Fabric 3 to 4 pounds.
Rit Powder Packages 3 to 4
Rit Liquid Bottles 2-3

EXTRA-LARGE (Extra Large or Super)

Bedspread, chair slipcover, 2 two fold sheets plus 4 pillowcases, throw rug (perhaps not rubber-backed), blanket.
Approx. Dry body weight of Fabric 6 to 8 lbs.

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