$5 of black fabric dye later

Rit Dye, black

This week I wanted to talk about how I constantly have an excellent, deep, wealthy black once I re-dye my favorite black colored pants.

We quite often discover individuals have frustrated which they cannot color a dark enough black and, to be honest, it is a standard concern for some dark dye colors. But obtaining rich, dark shade you need is not difficult once you learn various crucial things. Therefore here are my four top methods for getting the blackest black colored!

  1. Stovetop
    This dyeing technique allows me to get truly hot water, and ensure that it stays regularly hot, while effortlessly keeping track of my jobs to make sure everything is getting colored evenly.
  2. Warm Water
    Did I mention warm water? Rit Dye’s core colors love heated water as it helps the material’s materials to unwind and thoroughly take in the dye.
  3. Your Whole Bottle of Dye or maybe more…
    The more dye, the deeper colour. Whenever I dye a pair of jeans I use a whole container of black colored when you look at the dye bath. Easily are dyeing more than one thing, I frequently add two entire containers toward dye bathtub. Don’t restrain with black colored.
  4. Colors Keep Dye Fixative
    Spraying or soaking my projects in Rit colors keep Dye Fixative helps keep the vibrancy associated with color after dyeing along with reduces in a BIG means any shade hemorrhaging inside rinse process and future washings (like in it keeps 2x as much shade)! This will be probably my ultimate key gun to keep my black BLACK.

Observe I dyed my faded black jeans black again.

Therefore, that sums it up. Four simple actions that keep the best black colored pants black colored. Today get dye your black colored clothing BLACK once more!

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