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Pantone astonished people by announcing not just one but two paired pastels because their 2016 color of the entire year. Serenity and Rose Quartz are a soft, sweet blue and red, like a birth announcement for fraternal twins. And that’s the point. Based on Women’s Wear day-to-day, “The double payment is intended to stay in sync with ‘societal moves toward sex equality and fluidity.’” But Pantone in addition paired colors from “opposite edges regarding the color wheel” to symbolize wellness, stability and tranquility. Some thing they feel we’re all looking for in these turbulent times.

Whether your thumbs-up or thumbs down on their shade viewpoint, Serenity and Rose Quartz tend to be a deviation from last year’s dark, wine-brown Marsala, which polarized people—including Rit staff—on the love/hate scale, and they’re so much more delicate than previous years’ rich, saturated colors, including and Tangerine Tango. I’m maybe not a big pastel individual and had been amazed because of the change to start with, but have come to like the cool, twin shade choice. As Pantone predicted, we get the pairing soothing. Think about you?

Want to add some Serenity to your life or bling things out with Rose Quartz? Just use the following shade formulas to combine Rit dyes collectively generate the Pantone 2016 color of the entire year.

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