Rit bucket dye instructions

Directions for Rit dye

Prewash item to get rid of any finishes which will restrict dye absorption.

Protect work surface around stove with a plastic table cover.

Estimate that weight of the item to be dyed to determine how much dye to use. As a guideline, ½ bottle liquid dye or 1 box powder dye will color up to one pound of fabric.

Fill cooking pot with sufficient water for the textile or item to go easily. Usage 3 gallons of liquid for each and every 1 pound of material. Heat liquid therefore it simmers (just beneath boiling.)

Using rubberized gloves, shake dye bottles. Utilize 1/2 bottle Rit fluid dye or 1 package of Rit dust dissolved in 2 glasses of hot water for each pound of fabric. For dark colors, double the level of dye. Stir well.

Include 1 cup salt for cottons or 1 cup of white vinegar for silk, wool and nylon and a squirt of dishwashing fluid. Stir really. When possible, wait 5 minutes before adding salt or vinegar. This may help market amount dyeing.

Using a report bath towel or scrap of textile, test dye shade to make sure it’s the shade you desire. If color is too light, include even more dye. If color is just too dark, include more liquid.

Wet material or item with heated water, then fit aside excess liquid. Erase lines and wrinkles and add to the dye bathtub in your pot.

Bring the dye bath to simmer. Stir constantly — backwards and forwards, or more anddown — for at the least half an hour or until desired shade is attained. Ensure that the product doesn't twisted or tangled as this could cause unequal dyeing. Fabric shade appears darker whenever damp.

Remove item through the dye bathtub and rinse thoroughly in tepid to warm water, slowly making water cooler until all excess dye is taken away plus the liquid runs obvious. Optional: to lessen color bleeding, use Rit Dye Fixative on cotton fiber materials immediately after dyeing, following directions on bottle.

Wash item yourself in hot water with mild detergent and wash thoroughly again in cold water. Or, launder product into the automatic washer with a classic bath towel.

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