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exactly how colored clothes holds up to washing over a yearYou guys understand I like dying things – and I’ve done lots of tasks over the last few years using my beloved RIT dye. One of the most typical questions I have asked everytime we post about a dye project is the way the dyed clothing holds up after lots of washes. Up until now i had no idea, because we often hold my garments on a wide rotation, so no individual things was washed adequate however to-be a beneficial test.

But since I’ve been wearing my red jeans almost weekly since I have made all of them, I finally have a good contrast for you personally!

The verdict? YES the jeans have actually faded! Was we upset? Definitely not. The funny thing is, until we viewed these photos i didn’t realize they'd faded after all. Exactly how funny is?? Anyway – it took about a year in order for them to fade from a dark pinky/maroon into lighter red they truly are today. I really could most likely redye them to get them to the initial color – but I need to acknowledge, i actually like their present color on top of that (happy accident).

I believe the actual real question is whether or not they will have faded a great deal if I’d utilized some form of setting representative. RIT advises including salt on dye bathtub to support setting – and be truthful i’ve never ever done this, because I usually forget (dirty meg!!). Anybody had any knowledge about utilizing setting representatives into the dying procedure?

Despite this, I truly don’t feel too stressed concerning the idea of my dyed clothing diminishing for just two factors:

  1. When I mentioned before, these jeans are on HEAVY rotation within my dresser and obtain cleaned means way more than other things i wear. I’ve dyed a great many other things that haven’t faded a great deal and i think it's since they don’t get washed/worn the maximum amount of.
  2. Every little bit of retail garments i’ve purchased that started off a bold colour has ended up fading eventually also. I purchased a pair of black colored space jeans a few months ago which can be now dark grey, thus I believe it is a problem that goes beyond house dying.

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