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Dyeing polyester with Rit dye

Can I use Rit dye, without rinsing, to color a huge amount of polyester/spandex fabric?

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Message: We have plenty of textile to dye for my Halloween party this current year to create a circus tent look (4.5' large strips of purple, blue and yellow). The material I have was presented with to me free of charge and it is 95percent polyester, 5per cent spandex. We utilized the scarlet Rit dye to evaluate to observe it would respond and it is simply a pink shade once I rinsed it. Because this will simply be a one-time usage for the fabric and I try not to plan on cleansing it, I am questioning what would happen if I used the Rit dye but left it in tubs for every single day or even more and simply wring the textile out, maybe not wash it then air-dry it. I am wanting the least expensive and easiest method getting good quality color, but was unsure this can work. Can you offer up any resources or tips? (by-the-way, I have 1 roll of fabric that is 40"x100' and another roll this is certainly 54"x100'... i have quite a bit rather than lots of money to work on this!)
Can there be any opportunity you may get you to definitely present some material made from cotton fiber or rayon? It would be so much much easier and cheaper to dye!Polyester is a huge discomfort to dye. It truly requires boiling-hot temperatures, therefore you'd require a big cooking pot to boil it in, and special polyester dye. Conditions being hot enough to dye polyester will tend to destroy spandex, so that your polyester/spandex blend is not really dyeable anyway. Dyeing polyester with Rit all-purpose dye won't work. If you eliminate rinsing after all, in an attempt to preserve some color, then your unrinsed dry dye will rub off onto whatever variations it, damaging clothes or furniture and exposing every person to respiration possibly allergenic or slightly harmful dye powder. This would be not merely an awful mess, but a health threat, and. It is very important always to wash on extra unattached dye, no matter what sorts of dye you're using.as opposed to dyeing your polyester, it might be better if you were to color it. The very best paint for material is fabric paint, obviously. Although fabric paint will be a far greater concept than using Rit dye on polyester, it could be pricey, specifically for a project as huge as yours. Purchasing in volume assists save money quite a bit, but however a gallon of Dye-Na-Flo prices over $60.

The most affordable paint would be musicians' acrylic paint as well as home paint; paints apart from cloth paint will likely to be rigid, hard, and scratchy once they dry, but that may maybe not make a difference too-much for this specific project. Don't use poster paint, because it will break down and smear if any dampness gets into it.

Dilute acrylic paint with water, and, whenever you can afford it, some textile method. Fabric method is difficult to find except on the web, sold among various other mediums in art supply shops for acrylic painters, nonetheless it may be used to change music artists' acrylic paints into a beneficial home-made fabric paint, which makes it softer and nicer, and also rendering it cling much better to your textile.

I believe you'd be better off searching for some inexpensive textile this is certainly already the colors you want, or some cheap 100per cent cotton fabric to dye. In the event that you get some low priced cotton fiber material, which will be very easy to dye, you will save a ton of cash by avoiding the pricey little boxes of Rit dye that just dye a couple of yards of fabric each, instead purchasing a relatively inexpensive direct dye, like Dharma Industrial Dyes from Dharma Trading Company. One $7 package of Dharma Industrial Dye will color just as much fabric as you to two hundred $3 bins of Rit dye can! Naturally, like Rit dye, this dye will work only on natural fibers, not on the polyester you have.
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