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Tie dye with Rit liquid

You’ll want

  • White apparel or fabric, manufactured from cotton, rayon, linen, silk or plastic
  • Rit Dye, liquid or dust
  • 2-Cup measuring glass
  • 3-Gallon synthetic bin or dishpan
  • Big metal spoon
  • Rubber gloves
  • Salt or white vinegar
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Dowel rod, 1″ diameter
  • Paper towels
  • Plastic dining table address

Detail by detail

  1. Prewash garment or textile to get rid of any finishes that will avoid absorption of this dyes.
  2. Cover work area with a synthetic dining table address.
  3. To determine how much dye is required: Weigh or approximate the extra weight regarding the garment or fabric is dyed. As a guideline, 1 package of powdered dye or ½ glass fluid dye will color 1 pound. dried out weight textile. For dark colors and even more intense brilliant colors, double the number of dye made use of.
  4. Use rubberized gloves and shake fluid dye containers before pouring. Measure or afin de dye into a 2-cup measuring cup. For cotton fiber, rayon and linen textiles, include 1 cup salt. For silk and nylon fabrics, add 1 glass white vinegar. Fill with very hot water; blend well. If water isn't hot sufficient (140º F), temperature water in the microwave oven or a tea kettle.
  5. Fill 3-gallon plastic container or container with 2 gallons scorching water. Pour dye option into liquid, include a squirt of fluid detergent; stir well.
  6. Wet garment and squeeze away excess liquid.
  7. Wrap two-thirds of garment or material around a dowel rod. Immerse bottom one-third of product in dye shower for ten minutes, gently going it forward and backward and up and down.
  8. Then dip middle element of apparel or material in dye shower for five full minutes, carefully raising and bringing down it to generate lighter and darker tones or until desired tone is achieved.
  9. Then, unroll top section of apparel or material and quickly dip it in dye shower simply long enough to produce a really light shade. Or, if desired, top part can continue to be white.
  10. Remove textile from dye shower and wring out extra dye. Rinse material under cool running water, keeping the lightest shade at the very top. This enables the dye to flow through to the darkest location.

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