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Tie dye polyester cotton blend

LiveStrong Calorie Trackeralthough dyes manufactured designed for all-natural fibers, with the correct dye, it is possible to dye fibre blends, including cotton-polyester mix materials or garments. Polyester blend materials may well be more difficult to dye and outcomes might more volatile than an all-natural fiber, but blends with at the very least 50 to 60 % cotton may be colored with a few success. Color results can be significantly less heavy than with an all-natural dietary fiber, while the best outcomes need a white or light-colored base fabric.

Select the exact same brand and color of material dye both in a polyester and a cotton fiber formulation, as well as a shade intensifier to improve the colour.

Fill a large stainless or enamel cooking pot with sufficient liquid to cover the fabric or apparel, but do not put the fabric in the pot. Place the pot from the kitchen stove over high heat. Add both dyes and shade intensifier on pot, mixing really with a stainless steel spoon.

Place the fabric inside pot and deliver the dye cooking pot to a moving boil, keeping high heat.

Stir in 1 cup of dining table salt on dye combine and material. Continue stirring for approximately half-hour. Stir constantly for most even dye result.

Remove the material from the dye shower and invite to sweet completely. Wash by hand with a mild detergent and enable to dried out totally.

  • Polyester fabric dye
  • Cotton textile dye
  • Color intensifier made for your dye
  • Big metal or enamel pot
  • Stainless steel spoon

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