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Rit Dye, Spray bottle

For most readily useful outcomes, prewash product is colored to eliminate any finishes which will hinder dye consumption.

Lay clothing or item on a set surface.

Pinch, pleat or fold textile to produce a design. Wrap rubber bands firmly around material at different points. The rubber bands act as a resist and produce white spaces. The more rubber bands you use together with tighter they have been covered, the more white space you will have.

Design Suggestions:

For part circle or Sunburst, pinch an area of the shirt or material in which you want the center of the circle to-be. Pull it up toward you to make a tee-pee form. After that pull-up a lot more of the textile for a more substantial circle. Close one-hand all over point of the tee-pee and link it well with a rubber musical organization; adding rubber bands along the period of it.

For stripes, fold clothing vertically or diagonally, like an accordion or fan, in 2” to 3” wide folds. Then put with rubber bands every 2” – 3” or as desired.

For inspections, accordion pleat material in 2” to 3” wide folds. To attain a-sharp line, hit folds with an iron. After that accordion pleat strip into a square. Wrap a rubber band loosely around square fabric both in directions.

For spirals, decide the best place to put the center regarding the spiral. Then position your fingers across the center point and gradually commence to twist fabric in a spiral way. Loosely put rubber bands around material to put on spiral collectively.

Dip clothing or textile in liquid; squeeze down excess water. Reserve.

Dye planning: put on rubberized gloves and shake dye bottles before pouring. Measure and mix 1 package of powdered dye or ½ cup liquid dye with 2 cups hot plain tap water. Include 1 Tablespoon sodium; blend well. Pour as much as will fit into a squirt bottle. Perform per shade. Save the extra for later use. Keep in mind to warm leftover dye before using it. Containers are going to be hot therefore wear plastic gloves whenever dealing with all of them.

Overlap sheets of plastic place so that they tend to be somewhat bigger than the clothing or product becoming dyed.

Spot clothing on plastic place. Squirt each dye color on top as desired. (Idea: Plan to place adjacent primary colors (purple, yellowish, blue) or secondary colors (orange, green, purple) next to each other. In the places where they operate together, they will mix collectively and create a 3rd color.) Hold report towels handy therefore dye does not puddle or seep into an area for which you want to spot another shade. (Idea: Shirt could possibly be positioned on a baking rack when using dye so it works through. Be sure that you place an old tray or periodicals under it.) Make reference to Tie-Dye project sheets for certain color instances. (, Accordion)

Protect covered shirt or product with plastic wrap; seal edges. Fold to squeeze in the microwave oven.

Line bottom of microwave oven with paper towels. Destination wrapped top in microwave oven and set on High for 2 minutes. Plastic will puff up, producing a heat chamber that will help the dye move on the textile. WATCH very carefully to be certain plastic does not melt.

Wear rubberized gloves or use pot holders to remove clothing from microwave. It will be scorching. Open up synthetic and allow cool. Carefully cut away elastic bands. Rinse shirt in chilled water until water runs obvious. Then launder in warm water with a mild detergent; wash and dry.

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