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Spray dye for clothes

Here are some even more strange dyeing strategies.

Sprinkle Dyeing

Care: dried out Procion MX dye powder is dangerous, unlike solutions of this dye in liquid. Inhaled dye may give you an allergy or sensitiveness on dye, closing your days of dyeing with Procion dyes permanently. Be cautious when working with dye dust! Put on a dust mask! Cannot breath dye powder!

We purchased plastic salt shakers with snap-on covers at a grocery store, and in each one of these blended dry Procion MX dye powder with plain, non-iodized salt. The snap-on lids prevent the dye and salt from taking in moisture from the humid atmosphere right here, which may cause the dye to reduce its strength. I pre-soaked the material in washing soft drink, just as in the main dish, wrung it out, lay it level, and sprinkled the dyes on. The effect is of numerous little dots of very intense color...very satisfying, assuming you are taking care in picking adjoining colors.

Drip Dyeing

I like to place the dye solutions into squirt containers, lay the material flat, and merely squirt or trickle the dye on, freehand. My friends constantly reference this are "tie dyeing", for some reason, though it involves no tyeing or resist of any sort; "tie dyeing" has become the common term for hand dyeing. My primary goal was to cover every fragment associated with the apparel with shade. (An early determination was the unfortunate advancement that commercially available young men' clothing is incredibly boring in shade!) The fascination for this technique, for me personally, lies in seeing the way the colors communicate and blend.

Drip dyeing is now easier for me personally since my husband constructed a dyeing dining table for me. We happened having a steel dining table framework, beginning not clear, without top. He built a wooden framework with hardware "fabric" extended over it, a material that will be a kind of heavy-duty galvanized display screen with quarter-inch squares involving the wires. Ordinary window display does not work, considering that the holes are fine sufficient your dye accumulates and works over the top, combining into a kind of mud color. The dye does drip all the way through the hardware cloth, however. Sporadically a grid effect appears in the finished piece, but I really like this impact.

I've also had good results from dripping dye over pre-soaked clothing hung on synthetic hangers, or hung-up with synthetic clothes pins. (Wooden clothing pins may be more esthetically pleasing for any other functions, but plastic has got the immense advantageous asset of washing clean in order not to transfer unwelcome dye the next time.)

Dye Painting

Closely about Drip Dyeing is Dye Painting. Make use of a thickener such sodium alginate (derived from seaweed) to make the dye into a product like paint, but minus the unpleasant feel that paint usually imparts to material. We haven't done this however; for instructions, see Dyeing and Fabric Painting Books.

Spray Dyeing

That one's simple, but innovative. (i acquired it from a novel by Sulfiati Harris: see my Dyeing and Fabric Painting Books page. She has several special projects which can be well worth the cost of the book.) Place the exact same dye solutions into spray containers (Dharma offers some good ones), after that either wrinkle or pleat the materials, or destination things along with it, before spraying the dye. The dye mostly remains at first glance, like printed product, nevertheless periodic spill will soak through, therefore, if you are using the services of a garment as opposed to unsewn textile, you may possibly desire to pin an item of a clean trash bag between the front in addition to back of this apparel.

Discharge Dyeing

This technique utilizes chlorine bleach (hypochlorite) or dye cleaner, as opposed to dye. One of the better resources for guidelines is Jane Dunnewold's guide, Complex Cloth; see my Dyeing and Fabric Painting Books page. Both t-shirt publications additionally noted on that web page have actually awesome examples of t-shirts which were purchased in a dark color, after that tied, bleached, rinsed in vinegar liquid, washed, dried, tied up, and dyed; in a few case, the complete process had been duplicated once more. The colored bleached places here look like coloured lightening bolts. The instances in Dunnewold's book can be different, and incredibly interesting. (keep in mind that vinegar water is not the best choice for neutralizing bleach, as his or her effect produces even more hazardous chemicals; it's always best to make use of Anti-chlor, which will be obtainable in volume at a fair cost from Prochem (see Sources for materials), or perhaps you might utilize chlorine-free oxygen "bleach" as a neutralizer, in a pinch.)

If you attempt discharging with bleach, make sure you fill the washer with water *before* you begin bleaching, as you must stop the bleaching as soon as along with gets light enough, if not risk getting the fabric fall apart. The simplest way to counteract chlorine bleach has been Anti-chlor from ProChem, or Bleach avoid from Dharma Trading, since it is very economical, safe, and effective, however the non-chlorine (oxygen) "bleach" sold for washing garments can also do the job of neutralizing the bleached clothing within the washing machine. There are various other bleaching substances besides chlorine. Rit makes a shade cleaner which you might like, and dyehouses including Dharma Trading business and ProChem (see resources) sell other compounds that could be employed for this purpose. In almost every situation, be careful. A few of these bleaching agents are more dangerous compared to dyes we hobbyists normally utilize, and chlorine bleach is the worst. Upcoming: component 2 with this web page.

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