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Pink dye for clothes

Make Natural Non Toxic Dye in Hot PinkThis few days i have already been investing a good deal of amount of time in your kitchen, cooking up natural dyes. I'm really surprised that after 7 many years of art in university I experienced never learned to produce paints, poisonous or non harmful. But after reading Autumn’s post about how to create your own milk paint, i got eventually to thinking also deeper into making pigments because the colored pigment can be as harmful as binder. The thing I found out was a creative revelation that i am unable to stop preparing up! Our criteria for producing pigment/dye is it:

  • It cannot be harmful by any means, just because the material is all-natural.
  • It's to stay variety and simply collected in the wild (don’t ever just take a great deal the plant can’t survive or make seeds.)

I totally strike the jack pot when I stepped outside discover that my landlady across the street features a plum tree with a gazillion plums which had already dropped towards floor and were becoming eaten by pests, rotting, fermenting, gushy etc…

Editor’s Note: The plums listed below are purple plums – the kind with brilliant pink skin (as you can see within the photographs below). You won't obtain the same brilliant green color off their varieties of plum, so ensure that the people you use are red!

The all-natural organic dye experiment begins…

I started by skinning the plums and using only the dark burgundy purple skins – I left the fresh fruit when it comes to wild critters, and held the seeds and planted all of them – in hopes to grow several of my personal plum woods.

I utilized salt as a dye fixative, since I have was using fresh fruit for dye however, if you're making your dye from plants, leaves, plants etc – then it's suggested to make use of vinegar.

The meal I found ended up being this:



  • Liquid
  • Salt
  • Cooking pot ( a spare that you don’t usage for food preparation)
  • Measure glass
  • Strainer
  • enough purple plum skins to cover your fabric in the pot

1. Simmer your material when you look at the salt fixative for approx. 1 hour (see above), then rinse and band it out before placing the fabric inside dye.

2. Once the material gets the fix inside it, dump the plum skins in a few fresh water and simmer those for the next time. It is so amazing how red and stunning water turns within a few minutes of light hot simmer! Even though they are long extends of time, you do not have to loom throughout the cooking process those few hours, you are able to cruise the web and review Crafting A Green World articles while your dye is brewing.

3. Stress out the skins and return the dye to the pot. Then begin dipping the in your area woven natural cotton fiber into the plum dye! How freakin’ awesome, trigger it began turning practically hot green immediately and stuck straight to the material.

4. Allow the fabric simmer softly in dye for a richer color for approximately one hour, all steamy, hot and sooooo quite!

5. Let the fabric to stay within the dye instantly to make sure it's the darkest outcome possible since when it really is rinsed and dried the colour are alot less heavy.

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