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photo IMG_5541.jpgI'd already been some worried that toys would find yourself moving throughout the house or apartment with this establish, where playroom is appropriate because of the residing rooms, but truly, it’s been so great. Everyone loves both studio area and also this playroom, which we only really recently made a decision to rapidly embellish over time when it comes to Domino shoot. We had already been considering performing Evie’s space whilst the kid’s space when you look at the scatter, however the playroom ended up being the simpler space to photograph ultimately, therefore we threw this room collectively in about seven crazy times! These yellow curtains had been our jumping off point.
I wanted this room to feel girly and playful, and I believed quite curtains had been an excellent place to start. We had no time and really no spending plan to help make elegant curtains though, so IKEA found the relief. I experienced actually picked up three packs of those white-cotton Ritva panel sets a few months before (whenever area ended up being nevertheless an office) and I also only hadn’t got around to holding them however.

We virtually performedn’t make use of them because i desired the walls becoming white, and I also wanted the curtains become an enjoyable color to pop off the white. This image held visiting mind when I had been brainstorming colors. We only wish I had the budget to recreate these precisely!

photo PaulCostello1.pngI figured it wouldn’t really be a wasted effort to try and dye the IKEA panels because I wasn’t able to return them at that point. So I picked up four bottles of RIT dye – two each of Golden Yellow and Lemon Yellow. It’s perhaps not for everyone, and for every bathtub, but We felt confident with dying the panels during my bath tub. I tested the dye first and there is no staining on fiberglass, so I believed great about continue using my tub. It made the project and cleanup about a million times easier than utilizing a large tupperware bathtub (and I also have a front-loading washer, to ensure ended up beingn’t an option).

I acquired three of panels damp into the shower first (that will help the dye take in more uniformly) while I filled the bathtub with about six or seven ins associated with hottest liquid i possibly could get out of the tap. We added one bottle of every regarding the two yellow colors and about 50 % a cup of salt. As soon as which was all mixed, I devote the 3 panels and while putting on lengthy gloves, moved the material around into the dye shower for a beneficial 20-30 moments until the shade looked brilliant plus. We fired up the faucet once more, to cold this time, and allow the dye shower drain and also the cold-water operate on the panels before water ended up being close to clear. I moved the panels to a laundry container and took them to the washing machine for a cold liquid wash from the fragile pattern.

We made a hanging section and allow the panels air dry overnight. Then I began again using the 2nd group of three panels and two more bottles of dye.

Then we ironed each panel ahead of when hanging all of them over white fabric shades from Lowes (of lower than $20 when it comes to 48″ size!) and white wooden bands and rods, additionally from Lowes.

I enjoy, love, love exactly how these curtains proved. Because I'd purchased the IKEA panels so many months before, it practically thought like a $12 project, where i recently must purchase the dye. :) And I believe the colour combination associated with lemon and golden yellow colors actually resolved completely, which was sort of a lucky break.

I do believe whenever I possess some extra time I’ll add a dense or even black out lining to those to include some fat and a clean white backside view from the front of the house (though the white roman tones assist slightly with this for the present time).

photo IMG_5550copy.jpg photo IMG_5548.jpg photo IMG_5601.jpg photo 18.jpg

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