Best black dye

A Couple Of Things About Ebony Dye:

Black can be the toughest color getting. We now have 5 blacks. Each has actually yet another shade cast. All except #250 work well in direct application practices like tie-dye where fabric is held moist for enough time for the dye to produce color. Always remember to quadruple the dye when working with black, and make use of 1.5 - two times the maximum amount of salt.

#44 Better Black
This will be our best-selling blacks. Solid-color (bathtub) dyes with a purple-blue cast and edges are blue in tie-dye. Not black on silk or wool.

#39 Black
Tub dyes with a grayish-green cast and edges are blue in tie-dye. Not black colored on silk or wool.

#300 New Black
Our various other top selling black colored - bathtub dyes with a tremendously blue cast and edges are blue in tie-dye. Several of our good tie-dye consumers state mixing a 50/50 blend of #44 & #300 gives them good results (test different ratios to see just what you want). Perhaps not black colored on silk or wool.

#250 Jet-black
Our darkest black for tub dyeing. STRAIGHT BACK by well-known demand; But the price did go way-up, even as we had stated it could. In addition, one of many components had been no further readily available, so we must reformulate it. This color operates slightly different than that which you were utilized to, when you wish to get back to this color, we advice TESTING before you go whole-hog and buy an extremely high priced 25 pounder or something like that!!! most useful bathtub colored in hot (130° to 150°F) water! Maybe not black on silk or wool or other necessary protein materials. Perhaps not black colored in tie-dye, batik or reduced immersion strategies if you don't have actually a means of heating it even though it is treating. (But that will melt the wax with Batik).

#275 Hot Black - brand new!
In addition best tub dyed in hot (150° to 180°F) water, such as the #250, which it was changing. Now it is a more affordable alternative. Tub dyes with a-deep but bluish black cast on cotton. With Soda Ash on silk is a deep blackish brown, with vinegar on silk, came out black in our examinations and a less deep shade of black colored on wool. #250 Jet has never turn out black colored on silk or wool. Tie-dye arrived on the scene actually black for us in a warmish background room temp of 75°F or higher! (unlike #250, which it was changing). If you should be seeking an unusual black, give it a try. Truly the only Fiber Reactive black colored that works on silk! Also our BEST black colored for Discharging!

For best bathtub dyed blacks, utilize Dharma Dye Fixative in your final soak in HOT water for half an hour before washing from extra dye. Black is a challenging color - you need to utilize countless dye when bathtub dyeing, usage 1.5 to twice the salt! Don't use Fiber Reactive Procion Dye to get black colored on silk, usage acid dye on wool and silk for solid black colored. Exception - try our brand new #275 Hot Black!

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