Dylon Black Dye

How to use black dye on clothes?

1. Using rubber gloves, empty Wash & Dye powder into washer drum & include dried out material
2. Instantly run a 40°C cotton fiber period without pre-wash or economic climate environment
3. Include typical washing detergent & run 40°C cotton fiber pattern to remove extra dye from material & to completely clean the device
4. Dry textile as regular, from sunlight as well as heat

Colour Shade
The tone you achieve will depend on 3 things:
1. Fabric Kind
Cotton, linen, viscose will dye to the full color
Polyester/cotton & polyester/viscose blends will dye to lighter shades
Wool, silk, polyester, acrylic, nylon & material with unique finishes, e.g.
'dry clean only' may not be colored
2. Fabric Amount
As much as 500g fabric (e.g. 1 pair jeans) will color to the full tone
A maximum of 1kg can be colored, to less heavy shades
3. Fabric Colour
Colour mixing rules apply, e.g. black colored dye on purple material gives burgundy.
Designed material will most likely however show-through

Useful Tips
Only dye as much as 1kg material and always utilize entire pack, no more, believe it or not
Dyeing may not cover stains, faded areas or bleach markings
Used in front side loading automated washing machines only
After dyeing, clean product independently when it comes to first few washes to remove any extra dye
Should any dye be remaining into the device, include a cup family bleach to drum, include typical detergent & run machine bare on 40°C period

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