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How to bleach dye clothes?

Rainbow-colored tie-dye projects focus on white garments, but you can develop an alternate effect by making use of bleach to “dye” dark-colored tops which may usually end in the contribution container. The longer you leave the bleach on, the less heavy the areas become, nevertheless want to prepare the shirt meticulously to ensure the bleach does not bleed beyond the locations you need it.


Dark colors like black colored and navy blue perform best with bleach as the tie-dye method. The bleach doesn't immediately turn the material white, to help you experiment with different color gradations. Bleach features a robust odor and lightens any materials it occurs to splatter on, so that it’s better to do that task outside or in an open, well-ventilated workshop for instance the washing area or garage. Cover or remove from location whatever you don’t desire bleached, and wear old work clothes. Wear plastic gloves to safeguard both hands and a painter’s mask and that means you don’t inhale the fumes. You are able to dip the clothing in a tub of bleach or pour the bleach into a spray container to keep it in order. Have actually a drying location prepared as well, you need to include a classic towel to absorb excess bleach. After the bleach dries, clean the top just before use it to eradicate the caustic odor.

Basic Styles

Elastic bands tend to be your main tool to utilize when tie-dyeing; they block off the places that won’t change color. The twists and turns you create within the top before securing it utilizing the rings additionally determine the last design. For a vintage sunburst tie-dye design, focus on a wooden dowel. Place it in the clothing, and twist the shirt tightly around the dowel. Safe the top inside twisted swirl with rubber bands and take away the dowel. If you'd like a striped impact, gather the shirt collectively like an accordion — don’t roll it — size- or width-wise, and wrap rubber bands around it in a line at regular intervals. Dip the clothing in a tub of bleach or spray it with bleach for an even more abstract structure. In the event that you dip the shirt, roll it when you look at the towel just before remove the elastic bands; set it flat on a rack to dried out.

Creative Ideas

When you’re comfortable with the strategy, you will get much more creative. Before bleaching, gather tiny sections of the top here and there and cover these with elastic bands in order to make tie-dye group shapes, scattered or in a pattern, or twist the clothing up and wrap elastic bands around arbitrary areas. You can dispense using the rubber bands completely and set shapes, such as for example synthetic star or heart cookie blades or wood square blocks, across top. Spray the bleach on or splatter it over the top with a vintage paintbrush. Utilize things that will endure the bleach.

Freehand Fun

Experiment on scrap material to improve your artistic strategy, and spray the bleach in a superb mist directly on the top because lies flat to produce a splatter effect. This works especially well in the event that you aim the spray up therefore it falls in an arc onto the clothing. You could make use of an old paintbrush for thicker, much more defined splatters or utilize both strategies together.

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