How to use clothes dye?

ESO's long-anticipated costume dye system is here! Take pleasure in the large amount of variants this brand-new system provides towards costumes and caps!

Presently there are a couple of different ways to color costumes and hats. Let's take a closer glance at the two methods.

ESO Plus Costume Dyes (Exclusive to ESO Plus)

People with energetic ESO Plus subscriptions can personalize equipped costumes and caps at any Dye Station when you look at the game, utilising the clothes dyes you've unlocked by completing in-game accomplishments. Dyed costumes and caps are conserved individually for every of the figures, so the same piece may have another type of look for each of the characters.

Merely approach any Dye facility in Tamriel, provide the costume and/or cap you wish to color, and open this new outfit Dying loss. Select the dyes you would like to utilize from your own palette of unlocked Achievement dyes, so when you're pleased with the look, save that and luxuriate in your customized work of art!

You are able to determine units, copy a color, or obvious an applied shade to come back your item to its initial look equally you can with your armor dyeing system. You can also sort your unlocked designs through rarity or hue. Hovering over a locked color will show you the achievement you ought to finish to be able to unlock it.

in case your ESO Plus membership lapses, you'll nonetheless keep your hand-dyed costumes and hats, but you won't be able to alter them once more and soon you renew your account.

Dye Stamps (Crown Shop)

People without an ESO Plus membership may also color costumes and caps by buying Dye Stamps in crown store. These one-time-use consumable things had been created by Tamriel's finest fashion developers, and show the ease of aesthetically-pleasing pre-selected shade combinations.

You will find them into the Crown Store's “Dye" group, beginning at 50 Crowns. All Dye Stamp products' brands tend to be prefaced with a name for the group of Dye Stamps. This may assist recognize which week the Dye Stamp belongs to long after it absolutely was purchased, and keep similarly-hued Dye Stamps collectively within inventory or lender. Brand new Dye Stamps will appear in Crown Store every week*, therefore check back frequently!

*During the period of time between whenever a unique update seems on PC/Mac and console, the Dye Stamps will stay exactly the same.

Each Dye Stamp may be applied to one equipped outfit and/or just one hat. Dye Stamps tend to be stackable, allowing you to purchase several variations of the same stamp and store all of them in piles within inventory or bank, for later on use. To utilize a Dye Stamp to a dynamic costume, merely utilize the product in your stock. This allows you to definitely preview the colors before you decide to accept the changes. The Dye Stamp won't get consumed unless you really put it on.

You don't need to really have the colors involving a particular Dye Stamp unlocked through the Achievement System being make use of them, but take note that Dye Stamps usually do not include rare-quality Achievement dye colors.

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