Halfway To Hipster: Tie Dying

Can you Tie dye black shirts?

Last summer time, we had been obsessed with shibori indigo tie dying. No, truly . . . we about dyed anything white around the corner. Then when totally free People asked united states to add a DIY within their guest writer show, we knew a wrap dye task was definitely to be able. And also as the weather is just starting to heat up, what better time than now to start out tinkering with reverse wrap dye making use of bleach! Black shirts and tops: look out!

You’ll need:
– a 100percent cotton fiber black clothing (we utilized this No-cost People tee)
– some cups of bleach
– a container
– a couple of gloves
– a couple of rubber bands
– 2 flat shaped things used for binding

To create a grid-like structure, fold the top like an accordion and bind it between two pieces of lumber or any other flat shaped items. Support the shirt set up by wrapping some rubber bands all over bind. Anything accustomed bind the clothes will prevent the bleach from penetrating, plus the remaining subjected fabric will bleach and turn shade. View here for lots more binding alternatives.

Before starting bleaching, always are using gloves and dealing in the open air or perhaps in a well-ventilated location. Dilute roughly 4 glasses of bleach with 1 cup of water. Submerge the top into the bleach for only a few seconds. View it very carefully because with respect to the bond matter regarding the clothes, along with can change very quickly in addition to bleach may start to rot the fabric. Once the black colored transforms into a rusty brown shade, immediately take it off from the bleach. Provide a fast rinse, unbind it, then hang it. (mouse click pictures to expand)

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