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Batik is an approach for surface design of cloth by which numerous resist dyeings utilizing wax patterns to stop dye could be the principal design unit. Like, start with an item of white cloth. Apply a design in wax, dip into yellow-dye and also you have some yellowish fabric with a white design; use much more wax, dip into red dye, while have an orange bit of cloth with a white and yellowish design; apply another pair of wax patterns, plunge into blue dye, and you also get a brown piece of fabric with a white and yellowish and orange design on it. Batik designs build backwards and this takes just a little getting used to. The style you draw with all the wax is really what cannot develop into the second shade.

Always begin with your lightest shade and work gradually darker. Limiting your colors to a percentage associated with the color wheel (unlike the crude instance overhead) offers much more graceful results. Most batik is done because of this: two to four colors, waxing out a larger area every time. There was another method: remove all wax after each and every dyeing. Vastly more trouble and time may take place, you tend to be less locked into series with your designs. Indonesia is the resource for some regarding the strategies, tools and shades of contemporary batik. But its an old craft, invented often in a lot of places. Much tasks are being done at this time incorporating batik with other techniques, direct painting, tie-dye, top dyeing.


1. Wax area within line

2. Dye yellow

3. Wax area with range

4. Dye red

5. Wax area within range

6. Dye azure

Clean the fabric in detergent and hot water to eliminate finishes and also to pre-shrink material. If the cloth isnt white, boil for a few minutes to remove any previous dye deposits. Dry and iron cloth flat. Test dye a little swatch if theres any concern about textile and dye compatibility.

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