Faux Tie Dye

How to make Tie dye liquid?

Tie-dye tops make great group tees. They're also great as an action - and party favor - for a slumber celebration. These directions and patterns provides you with some tie-dye basics and some fun patterns to use.

Tie-dying is strictly what it claims. You twist a garment or other fabric item, connect it in various locations with elastic bands and color it. Whenever completed, the twisted and creased aspects of the top unveil a very good coloured structure. After a beneficial rinsing after which drying out, you're left with a shirt that's since enjoyable as it's trendy.

Tie-Dye Products

  • White, 100-percent cotton fiber T-shirt (or any other cotton product)
  • Gallon-sized zip synthetic bags
  • Squirt bottles (if not making use of a tie-dye kit)
  • Elastic bands (if not utilizing a tie-dye kit)
  • Water (to enhance the ink bottles)
  • a spray bottle of liquid (useful to dampen tops before applying ink)
  • Rubber gloves (if not using a tie-dye kit)
  • Paper towels or towels for spills


  1. Get Establish
    When you yourself have purchased a brand new T-shirt, device clean and dry it initially, but don't make use of textile softener or a dryer sheet, to avoid making any type of residue on material which may repel the ink. Protect your work area with a plastic tablecloth (or set this up outside).
  2. Prepare Your Ink
    If you purchased a kit, setup the inks into the bottles based on the tie-dye directions. In the event that you purchased driven or liquid dye, prepare it based on bundle instructions and put the ink in to the squirt bottles.
  3. Prepare Your Shirt
    Spray the shirt with water to dampen it, after that choose your design through the listing of four below or develop your personal. Twist the clothing and place with rubber bands to secure it inside desired pattern.
  4. Ink the Shirt
    Squeeze ink onto the parts per system directions or per the structure you have decided to follow - or freestyle it! Once you have completed dying, place each top in a sealed plastic bag all day and night to allow the ink setting in addition to colors to be vibrant.
  5. Wash
    After a day, put on a couple of rubberized gloves, take away the top from the bag and wash it in cold-water (without removing the rubber bands) through to the water runs free from the dye. After that remove the rubber bands, wash once more, after that machine wash and dried out the shirts on the hottest setting allowed on top tag. Do not combine the tops with every other garments for the initial clean and dry in the event any additional dye bleeds. If it is dry, you may be ready-to-wear and revel in your classic top!


  1. The Vintage Swirl
    Pull the top from center stomach area and twist/swirl in a single course and so the whole clothing types a flattened disc shape that appears a flower. Wrap the disc with three to six elastic bands in a crisscross overlap structure that'll provide you with six wedges or quadrants of textile. Put on your rubber gloves and squirt about three various dye colors onto the wedges formed by the groups. Always do the back of this top, too, and that means you have actually a uniform look.
  2. Crumpled
    Lay the shirt flat after that bring your hand and perspective, turn and crumple it while keeping the clothing level. Pull little items of the top up by pinching your fingers to bring as much of this top to where dye are applied. Still crumple the shirt in a random method which makes a flattened disc form. Take several rubber bands and link into quadrants. Don your rubberized gloves, choose your dye and saturate each quadrant.
  3. Striped
    Fold the shirt through the base up into tiny pleats through to the shirt in the form of a lengthy, slim log. Bring your elastic bands and put them uniformly over the pleated clothing log using about five to eight groups. Wear your rubber gloves and choose a different dye per part between elastic bands, making certain the ink is totally absorbed through each layer of pleating. Ensure that the shirt is saturated entirely around.
  4. Groups
    Select the areas where you would like the group or bull's eyes to seem. (Three groups tend to be standard.) Pull hardly any the material up during these areas and angle and pinch with your hands and place with one rubber band during the base so the textile sticks up above it. Follow this for the areas where you desire a circle design. Next, select the shade you need the circle is and squirt thereon area over the rubber band making sure it is saturating through. Next pick the color(s) you prefer the clothing is and squirt both front and back preventing where circle dye is.

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