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How to make Maroon Tie dye?

playsilkssmA few months ago we came upon a tutorial on The Artful Parent for . I experiencedn’t truly learned about playsilks before that but upon further examination realized that they’re awesome. They can be just about any such thing your child wants them to be: capes, clothes, covers, views, tents and

Therefore, seven folks met up with this seven toddlers (all under a couple of years) and dyed 42 playsilks as a whole. We started around 11 am and didn’t finish until about 5 pm. We did six scarves at a time, utilizing the various other moms pitching directly into watch the little one of whoever ended up being focusing on their particular playsilks. It was fun seeing many infants toddlers (oops) caught the house!

Soon after we performed the first batch of Kool-Aid packets, a few of the mothers decided to get quite innovative with color combination and thus we wound up with 14 various color at the end of your day. Most of us only performed one round of microwaving/sitting and the difference between the ones that did two rounds was only minimal. We blogged down almost all of the shade combinations so that we'd remember how to recreate a color and I thought some people might be enthusiastic about them. In addition made a printable task listing while using the shade combinations as well. Figured it will be easier for you if you didn’t need to run forward and backward from kitchen area and also the computer system!

Edit: Here are a few responses for some associated with a lot more popular questions published inside opinions.

Where do you ensure you get your scarves/exactly what dimensions had been they?
We performed a volume purchase of (around $4.00 each). Non-bulk instructions emerge to $.16 more per scarf.

Will these bleed?/How can you prevent all of them from hemorrhaging?
The colors will wash out as time passes and fade in the event that you clean all of them frequently. We only utilize them for interior play therefore quite frankly, I’ve never had to rewash them. (That’s kinda embarrassing to acknowledge.) Rinsing all of them in vinegar after dying the silks may help set the color more.

Will this process focus on other products (cotton, wool, tresses, etc)?
Some of you have pointed out that Kool-Aid may also dye locks and washes out after some washes. In terms of other textiles, i understand a huge amount of individuals dye raw wool with Kool-Aid and then make yarn from the jawhorse therefore I’m certain you will find many tutorials in the event that you google it. Cotton? I truly do not know but let me know if any one of you decide to try! 🙂

I can’t see the color combinations! Kindly help?
You'll find all the exact combinations on my printable project listing in addition to under:

Pink – 3 Pink Lemonade
Red – 2 Chery/2 Jamaica
Maroon – 2 Cherry/1 Blue Berry
Orange – 3 Orange
Dk Orange – 3 Orange/1 Cherry
Yellowish – 3 Lemonade
Dk Yelow – 3 Lemonade/1 Orange
Green – 4 Lemon Lime/1 Blue Berry
Lime Green – 3 Lemon Lime
Blue – 4 Blue Berry/1 Grape
Sky Blue – 3 Blue Berry
Purple – 3 Grape

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