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Cold water dyes for cotton

Procion MX dye

Remazol fiber reactive dye

Unlike the other Dylon lasting colors, Dylon lasting Ebony 12 is a Remazol dye. It really is an excellent single-color unmixed black colored. Like others, it really works great in tepid water.
This Remazol black is the best of all of the black dietary fiber reactive dyes, since it does not split up completely into different colors while the other individuals can. It's many cost-effective bought from ProChem.

Drimarene K dietary fiber reactive dye

Dylon lasting Dye is certainly caused by Drimarene K dye (Dylon Permanent Ebony 12 is a Remazol dye, an excellent single-color black)

A dyes, undoubtedly, to use for cotton fiber also cellulose fibers would be the fiber reactive dyes. They've been much better, longer-lasting, and easier-to-use than all-purpose dyes.

(Additionally there are fiber reactive dyes that respond specifically with wool; most are found within the Lanaset grouping of dyes for protein materials. However, these pages especially deals with dietary fiber reactive dyes which are appropriate cellulose fibers—including approaches to use these dyes with protein fibers.)

Understanding Fiber Reactive Dye?

Fiber reactive dye is considered the most permanent of most dye kinds. Unlike various other dyes, it actually forms a covalent relationship using the cellulose or protein molecule. Once the bond is made, everything have actually is certainly one molecule, because the dye molecule happens to be a real the main cellulose dietary fiber molecule. Not surprising you can easily safely wash a garment that's been dyed in bright dietary fiber reactive colors with white garments, 100 times, without endangering the whites whatsoever - even when it's all various brilliant colors, and/or solid black!

How to Use Fiber Reactive Dye

Cold water dietary fiber reactive dyes may be used with all the meal offered from the How to Dye page. It can also be made use of in accordance with the meal on the low-water Immersion web page, and sometimes even in a washing machine.

They work specifically well on cotton, rayon, and silk, also work very well on linen, lyocell (Tencel), hemp, and any other cellulose dietary fiber.

Types of Fiber Reactive Dye

Procion MX. Many people feel quite strongly the most useful dye choice for the novice, as well as for numerous experienced dyers, is Procion MX, as this dye is very simple to do business with. You never want to steam or else heat-set the textile, when you're making use of Procion MX type dietary fiber reactive dyes, additionally the dyes are relatively non-toxic. Various other benefits include the remarkable washfastness found in all fiber-reactive dyes; I wash my brilliant rainbow-dyed clothes in the same load as my whites, without any flowing for the colors, once they've been through sufficient initial washing away.

For info on specific Procion MX type dyes, see my chart of Names of Pure Procion MX kind dyes at various dye suppliers. For directions on how to color cotton also cellulose fibers including rayon, linen, lyocell, etc., also silk, with Procion MX dyes and soft drink ash, observe how to Dye.

Procion MX dyes will be the easiest of dietary fiber reactives to acquire in united states, becoming found in "tie dye kits" in several crafts shops and doll catalogs. A places to get all of them, but would be the businesses noted on my Sources for Dye products, via mail-order; they respond quickly, and charge far less, per garment, the dyes that they sell. Many of these companies additionally sell other types of dye. Procion MX dyes are often purchased in the shape of Tulip one-step Fashion Dye (with soft drink ash currently blended in), and as Dylon cool Dye, although the shade mixtures both in among these dye lines are less satisfactory for expert dyers versus dyes which can be really offered in Procion title. (remember that this applies simply to "Dylon Cold"; other styles of Dylon dye, particularly Dylon lasting or Dylon Machine dye, usually do not include Procion MX type dyes.)

Note that the patent on Procion MX dye has expired, so common versions are now actually offered; this is the reason it is much more proper to state "Procion MX type" dye, rather than just "Procion MX" dye. (More precise still to utilize the true common title, dichlorotriazine, but just chemists seem enthusiastic about doing this.) Many vendors remain using the same or virtually identical MX rules, but become rather clear on precisely which dye you might be purchasing, it is advisable to purchase by Colour Index title (e.g. 'reactive purple 2'). Colour Index names for MX kind dyes are given in the pure MX dyes page.

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