How to Dye Red Clothing Black

How to dye clothing Black?

Your favorite set of jeans may seem faded and worn out, however it does not mean it's time to retire the apparel. You can transform your black Miss Me jeans or trusted pair of blue Levis into womens' or mens' black jeans in no time so they look brand new. Dye your jeans black quickly, safely and just to bring back your trusty garment into a wardrobe staple.

Preparation the Jeans

Dying a couple of Levis 501 black may mask the brand name tag if you are maybe not careful. Remove the label should you want to keep it visible on garment. Use a seam ripper to gently rip within the label and remove it to help you sew it right back on after you have dyed your jeans. If remaining on, the tag may change colors during the dying process.

Bleach the Jeans

It is necessary to bleach your blue jeans before dying in the event that clothes is a shade other than blue. Fill a sizable pot, tub, or deep sink with half water and half bleach. Ensure that you are in a well-ventilated area in order to avoid sucking in the chemicals. Jeans that are light should be bleached with a less-concentrated option of bleach. The jeans should be immersed into the bleach and liquid combination for one to two hours. Wear a couple of defensive rubber gloves, and stir the blend every 20 mins. Once the desired color of white or light-yellow is attained, rinse the jeans with cold-water to remove the bleach option and reduce the smell of chlorine inside the material. You'll be able to operate the clothes through the wash period of your automatic washer using cold water to eliminate the bleach.

Prep the Dye

Purchase an 8-ounce bottle of fluid black colored dye eg Rit black dye, and set-up a dying station to change your blue jeans into a preferred color of black. The dying section calls for a sizable pot or bath tub and a heating element to boil liquid such as a kitchen stove or outdoor stove. Eliminate dying your jeans in a washing device, bathtub, or pot which you want to reuse or show as time goes by. The dye may damage or stain the washing machine drum, cooking pot, or bathtub, that could eventually stain or dye clothing or things put in these products someday. Lay out magazines to protect floors.

Dye the Jeans

Boil a sizable cooking pot of water on a patio or home stove to get ready to dye your Levis 501 black or restore your black colored skip Me jeans. In an independent container or tub, immerse your jeans in cool water to immerse. Pour the cooking pot of hot water and 8-ounce container of black dye to the container together with your skinny or straight-legged jeans. Blend the blend because of the jeans carefully with a wooden spoon you do not intend to use to prepare food. Keep stirring the jeans every ten minutes for one hour until your jeans get to the required color.

Ready and put on

Rinse your recently changed black ripped skinny jeans or black jean coat in cold water, or run it through wash cycle of your automatic washer at least twice before washing with detergent. Air dry the apparel after dying jeans black colored to avoid any diminishing that may occur in a dryer.

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