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Can you dye velour fabric?

Pour warm water in a durable plastic container or bucket. Little bins maybe not since the entire bit of textile with all the dye shower produces a spot-dye or an uneven color tone. If you should be dealing with chilled water reactive dyes, relate to your brand’s heat necessity.

Use exudate gloves, a respirator and old clothes before blending. Dye frequently splatters whenever immersing and the removal of the material and may forever damage the garments you are wearing. Dyes release harmful fumes so it's better to work with a well-ventilated location.

Include the reactive material dye toward hot water and mix with a blending stick. Make use of a plastic spatula to break apart any dye clumps that can form at the end of container. If clump seeps in to the velour, it leads to undesired concentrated shade places.

Add 1 tsp. dining table salt while you continue steadily to blend the dye. Read your brand’s directions for exact dimension needs. Particular dye companies do not require sodium.

Unfold the velour material. Immerse one end in to the dye bath and consistently give the remaining textile into the container until it's completely covered with dye.

Stir the material into the container to saturate all edges associated with the velour. Ensure that the fabric will not bunch or fold, steering clear of the reactive dye from bonding evenly to your velour fibers and stack.

Let the material sit-in the dye shower relating to your brand’s guidelines. Many companies advise no less than 30- to 40- moments.

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