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Message: i got myself this white rayon dress that I was thinking might look awesome if it had been all different colors. Additionally has tiny blossoms which can be colored in, so I ended up being only wondering when there is a means for me personally to color it without colors bleed into each other way too much exactly how would i actually do that? Would we add the sodium acetate to make the dye paint-like and apply it? Also would I have to add one color at a time, and wash it and everything before adding another color to avoid too much bleeding? Thank you!

It is possible to color a washable rayon dress many different colors, without colors bleeding together, if you use the right sort of dye. By using a tie-dye types of dye, which is sometimes called fibre reactive dye, you can easily use numerous colors simultaneously. The main element will be stay away from all-purpose dyes. Don’t usage Rit dye! All-purpose dyes, such as for example Rit, constantly bleed collectively whenever the apparel gets wet, the life of the garment. Better quality dyes avoid this problem completely by bonding firmly towards the material for which you put it.

Rayon is a reprocessed cellulose fibre. It may be colored like any various other cellulose dietary fiber, particularly cotton, so long as you tend to be mindful never to damage it. The main one problem with rayon is that it's fragile when wet, so don’t let it go into a washload with some thing hefty like jeans, and do consider hand-washing or placing it in a mesh lingerie case for washing. (The question of washing is applicable towards question as you will have to do lots of washing after you dye the dress, to remove the unattached dye.)

What you need to do is acquire some good fibre reactive dye, including Procion MX dye. You'll find these dyes in any good tie-dye system, including the Jacquard tie dye kits, which are generally offered at neighborhood crafts shops and fabric shops. Avoid heated water dyes. If you need a wide choice of dye colors, and use of much more helpful services and products, purchase online from a dye offer home such as Dharma Trading business, Colorado Wholesale Dyes, or PRO Chemical & Dye. Dharma is also a good supply for additional dyeable rayon dresses.

You will not have to use sodium acetate in dyeing your rayon dress. Sodium acetate can be used whenever dyeing protein fibers, not whenever dyeing cellulose materials like cotton fiber and rayon. But i do believe really perhaps you are considering salt alginate, which will be a thickener. (See “Sodium alginate, Superclear, also dye thickeners”.) Its use is totally recommended, however it can be helpful depending on your personal style of dye artwork. You can make use of a dye thickener if you want your dyes to own an even more paint-like consistency thereby applying it with a brush or sponge, or you can make use of your dyes unthickened in a watercolor style and apply it straight from a squirt container; also unthickened colors will creep just a brief distance across the fabric. Purchase alginate from a dye provider such as for example Dharma Trading Company or PRO Chemical & Dye. (See “Sources for Dyeing materials round the World”.)

Once you have your great Procion dyes, blend a cup of salt carbonate (soft drink ash or washing soft drink) with a gallon of liquid and drench your rayon dress yourself in it. After fifteen minutes to allow the salt carbonate immerse into the materials, get rid of the gown through the combine and squeeze away additional liquid. You can apply dye right to the wet dress, or you can line-dry the gown, that'll keep the dry soda ash into the materials, ready to respond aided by the dye.

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