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Message: becoming novices, we forgot to include the salt to your Tulip link dye mixture. We link colored some t shirts and napkins. Is there something we are able to do in order to fix the situation like rinse those items in salt liquid, or vinegar and liquid? We're uncertain just what the objective of the sodium is (to greatly help set the colors)? Any assistance would-be a great deal valued. Thank you for your time, Gayle

Although sodium is important in dyeing solid colors in a big number of water, it is really not needed in dyeing with very small amounts of water, such as for instance in tie-dyeing. Salt does not set the dye found in tie-dyeing. I avoid using salt in tie-dyeing, myself.

Vinegar is not very beneficial in setting tie-dyeing dyes, plus in reality can actually avoid tie-dyeing dyes from connecting towards textile. The only dye that needs an acid, such as for example vinegar, is acidic dye, which is never applied to cotton fiber.

A lot more crucial than salt may be the use of the correct dye fixative the dyes in a tie-dyeing kit. Neither sodium nor vinegar could be used to set the dyes, which are a form of dye generally fibre reactive dyes. The very best dye fixative to utilize could be the household chemical sodium carbonate, which will be also called soda ash or washing soft drink. Within the most useful tie-dyeing kits, such as the Jacquard items tie-dyeing kit, the soda ash is provided separately, becoming blended with water and used as a pre-soak before applying the dye.

However, in Tulip brand tie-dyeing kits, the soft drink ash, or an alternative for it, is with the dye dust itself, just before previously purchase the kit. This means that the dye is employed just after you mix it with water, because, within the presence of soda ash, the dye will start to respond aided by the liquid as soon as it is mixed in water. There is no need to add anything else which is not needed inside directions the dye you purchased. Some Tulip guidelines do advise that a soda ash presoak (bought separately) could make the colors much more intense, obviously considering that the substitute for soda ash they mix with the dye dust is inferior compared to soda ash.

The best thing about Tulip tie-dye kits is the fact that they contain a great type of dye, called fiber reactive dye or Procion dye. Similar will additionally apply to most tie-dyeing kits. Unfortunately, you can easily purchase tie-dyeing kits which contain an entirely unsuitable form of dye, offered beneath the Rit dye label; the dye in Rit tie-dye kits cannot bond well to textile, therefore the colors bleed together and diminish quickly. Various other labels of tie-dyeing kit are far more trustworthy.

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