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Black clothes dye

teainbowlBeing in the Textile Arts Center studio here in Brooklyn is extremely inspiring….especially the natural dying section. I've nervously dabbled somewhat in this region, but for me personally, it’s constantly best to begin with anything easy that I can grasp… here goes my test out some black beverage i discovered in cooking area!

And do you know what?! There was somewhat shock to make it more interesting… I added an easy, low priced resist of Elmer’s glue…good ‘ole Elmer.

So here are the products we used:
black colored beverage
Elmer’s glue
four different sorts of natural white-ish textiles (i discovered that knit cotton fiber held the color well!)
cooking pot with boiling-water
tongs to free my fingers from the boiling-water
…..that’s it!

Step one: Paint in your glue resist. We used paintbrushes to color habits, forms, flowers and sometimes just smushed it around to see just what would happen!

Step 2: Let that glue dry totally before dying. We put our swatches in front of the fan and became impatient…so after that we ironed them (after putting a cloth on top!)

This is actually the tea we used as well as the pot…you could utilized almost any black tea to get the same color. I suggest experimenting with everything you have actually!

3: place enough liquid into the cooking pot so your material can easily move around and turn on high heat. Once the liquid is boiling, throw in enough beverage and wait a couple of minutes through to the color comes out.

fabricswatches Step four: Leave material in bathtub before the shade looks advisable that you you, you can always have it darker by putting it back.

Here is an image of some of the swatches after being taken out of the bath, before we moved the glue resist.

Step 5: Remove the resist: i discovered that the most practical way would be to make use of a scrub sponge with some dish soap and water. Gently rub the fabric through to the glue is released and VOILA!

gluebrushes step1paintglue step1-1gluesquares dryingglue

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