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How to dye clothes with Rit?

  1. Cover work surface with a plastic table cover.
  2. Reduce 18” x 22” piece of batting (named a fat one-fourth by quilters). Immerse in full bowl of hot water. This may help open up the materials and work out all of them willing to soak up the dyes; set aside.
  3. Dye Preparation: In low water immersion, two colors tend to be combined to created the marbled result. It’s vital that you keep the principles of color mixing at heart whenever picking your colors. Wear plastic gloves and shake dye containers before pouring dye. Measure 2 teaspoons powder dye or 1 tsp liquid dye into a 3-cup container. Include 1 cup hot tap water (about 140 F); blend and reserve. Perform process for your 2nd color. Note: If your tap water just isn't hot, heat liquid in a tea kettle or perhaps in the microwave oven.
  4. Test along with by dipping a strip of batting to the dye solution. For lighter tones, include even more liquid or utilize less dye.
  5. Squeeze extra liquid from batting and shake-out therefore the scrim (polyester backing that keeps materials collectively) is scrunched through to the within.
  6. Drive batting into plastic container together with your very first dye solution. Use a spoon to go batting around and press it right down to make sure it absorbs the dye.
  7. Pour the second dye option throughout the batting. (usage as much dye option while you want.) Push-out environment bubbles with a spoon. Continue steadily to push and move batting. The greater amount of movement of batting, the greater amount of the colors will blend collectively.
  8. Line microwave with report towels. Put top in addition to container that holds the batting and dyes. (don't secure container.) Devote microwave and set on large for example minute. This creates a heat chamber that helps the dye penetrate the materials.
  9. Carefully remove container from microwave. Rinse batting in chilled water until liquid works obvious. Clean batting in heated water with mild detergent; wash and hang to dried out.

Sheer Nylon Interfacing

  1. Reduce 18” x 22” piece of absolute plastic interfacing.
  2. Dip interfacing in hot water.
  3. Measure ½ tsp liquid dye and mix with ½ glass very hot plain tap water in 1-cup synthetic container.
  4. Continue doing this procedure for your second color. Note: If regular water is certainly not 140F, heat liquid in a teapot or in the microwave oven.
  5. Squeeze excess water away from interfacing, shake and scrunch up so fusible side is collapsed inside.
  6. Drive damp interfacing into very first dye option.
  7. Pour second dye answer across first shade. Push out air bubbles with spoon. Continue steadily to drive and move material. The greater motion, the greater amount of the colors will mix collectively.
  8. Allow interfacing set in dye answer for you to two minutes. Do not use the microwave. Fusible backing may melt, and it also’s not necessary as long as scorching liquid is employed using dyes.
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