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How to dye Merino wool?

Spot your yarn in a large bowl full of warm water and roughly 1/2 tsp. of fluid detergent. Mix the detergent and water with all the yarn, but do not make the water sudsy. Ensure that the yarn is completely soaked and under liquid, including more water if needed to pay for the yarn. Allow the yarn to immerse for 20 moments.

Decide how dark you need your dye becoming. In a plastic container include 1/2 tsp. of dye for a light tone, 1 tsp. to generate a standard shade, or 1 1/2 tsp. of dye to help make a dark shade. Use a metal spoon and a teaspoon or two of water to mix the dye into a paste.

Add roughly 1/2 glass boiling-water or maybe more towards paste and blend continually until most of the dye dust has dissolved. Place 4 qts. water into your large cooking pot and heat it regarding the kitchen stove top.

Include the blended dye liquid to your warm water when it's warm. Enhance the dye and water 8 oz. white vinegar and stir well. Lift the yarn from its water-bath and permit extra liquid to deplete off until it prevents dripping without letting the yarn dried out. Slowly reduced the yarn into the dye with a wooden spoon.

Heat the pot of dye and yarn before dye begins to simmer. Cannot heat up it much that fluid boils. Set a timer for 25 to 30 minutes after the fluid begins to simmer. Stir the yarn slowly the first ten full minutes assuring all materials touch the dye.

Allow the yarn to take in the dye until the timer goes off. Preferably, the yarn will have soaked up the dye, leaving obvious fluid. Magenta and turquoise may leave some residue behind.

Lift the yarn out of the fluid with a wood spoon. Rinse the yarn in warm water, bringing down the temperature gradually before liquid is operating clear and you are rinsing with cold water. Squeeze out the excess water and hang the yarn to dry.

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