Yarn Painting

Yarn dyeing techniques

Never ever colored before? Here's helpful tips to making your own handpainted yarn.

From kept, hot pour, cold pour, and dip-dye methods.

Ever endured a want to create your own variegated yarns? Mix exactly the colors you prefer on precisely the yarn you desire, to generate something exclusively your personal? You’ve started to the best location. For decades I was thinking it would be too messy, also complicated, and too expensive to color my own yarns. I was incorrect. Just what its, is enjoyable. With a potential for mess, sure, nonetheless it’s FUN! And performed I point out, relatively cheap?

Below are three typical how to make handpaint yarns; I’ve organized them in an effort of trouble, though do not require are truly hard to do. The only real problems tend to be making in pretty bad shape, felting the yarn (though that’s easily prevented by using superwash), or making some thing ugly. The yarn authorities won’t come when you for making unsightly yarn. Come on, give it a try.


Regardless of what strategy you use, you can find considerations.

Making use of acid dyes created especially for dyeing protein materials may be dangerous. It’s proposed you put on a filtration mask when dealing with the dust to avoid breathing it, prevent coming into experience of it, prevent breathing the fumes whenever you heat it to set the colour, and you also can’t use any utensils you utilize when dyeing for anything else. The dyes need to be special-ordered or bought from hard-to-find merchants, and found in conjunction along with other chemical ingredients which are just like difficult to get and often just as dangerous. After that there are the disposal dilemmas for anything you don’t use.
Natural, plant-based dyes aren’t far better; the plants by themselves tend to be poisonous (pokeberry, anybody?), and the mordants could be insanely poisonous –arsenic and copper sulfide are only a few of the more life-threatening chemical substances you’ll experiment with. I've a toddler, and also the concept of having something like this near the lady makes my bloodstream run cool.

The answer? Food coloring. I am aware, I am aware. It all seems therefore grade-school to dye your wool with meals color, as well as the colors are so candy-bright. Although security considerations are simply about nil (you could DRINK the things in the event that you didn’t mind multi-colored innards) and you may make use of your regular cooking area utensils to do business with it. Candy colors can be prevented with overdyes, clever mixing, or mindful regulation. Though I, for starters, like bright colors. It’s one of the reasons I started carrying this out; most handpaint yarns are done in bleeding pastels or darks, which while great, only aren’t my cup of tea.

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