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Yarn dyeing

I like these dyes! And as far given that jet black goes, it is jet-black. Completely opaque and saturated! ENJOY them! My just complaint is you simply get a tiny bit of dye. The dye only fills like 1/15 regarding the container they appear in.

I am relatively new to dying yarn, and also have been tinkering with food coloring and Kool aid, just lately I decided to intensify to acid dying and combined with bare felici yarn I am happy with all the way the colors have already come out. I had not a problem using black, although I did only dye self striping yarn thus I didn't have a lot to color. The colors are perfect, I bought scarlet aswell which proved an attractive, rich "real red". All colors we purchased I utilized on various skeins and am extremely pleased, i've also combined meals color with the acids to create some certainly amazing and breathtaking stripe combinations for socks. I am going to undoubtedly be returning for lots more of the things!

I experienced exactly the same problem with black colored until We realised I becamen't using adequate dye powder, I am just getting a real black colored! At the very least because black colored as I think I am able to reach house!

So, I've attempted some of the dyes and some of them (sapphire blue, fire red) I love: vibrant, saturated, and mixing the two makes beautiful purples. But the jet black...it's really bad. It's NOT black. First of all, the pigment on it's own looks red. But when it hits yarn, it turns out a really ugly brownish-grey. Absolutely not even close to black.

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