Yarn dyeing methods

  1. Direct dyeing;
  2. Stock dyeing;
  3. Top dyeing;
  4. Yarn dyeing;
  5. Section dyeing;
  6. Garment dyeing
  7. Solution pigmenting or dope dyeing an such like.
Of these Direct dyeing and Yarn Dyeing techniques are the most popular people.

1. Direct Dyeing

Whenever a dye is used right to the textile minus the aid of an affixing agent, it really is known as direct dyeing. Inside technique the dyestuff is either fermented (for natural dye) or chemically decreased (for synthetic vat and sulfur dyes) before becoming applied. The direct dyes, that are mainly utilized for dyeing cotton, are water-soluble and may be employed straight to the dietary fiber from an aqueous option. Most other classes of synthetic dye, except that vat and sulfur dyes, may also be applied in this way.

2. Stock Dyeing
Inventory dyeing is the dyeing for the materials, or stock, before it is spun directly into yarn. It really is done by putting loose, unspun fibres directly into large vats containing the dye bath, which can be after that heated into the appropriate heat needed for the dye application and dyeing procedure.

Stock dyeing is generally ideal for woolen products when heather like color effects tend to be desired. Wool fibre dyed black colored, like, might-be blended and spun with un-dyed (white) wool fiber to produce smooth heather like shade of grey yarn.

Tweed textiles with heather like shade impacts such as for instance Harris Tweed are samples of stock colored product. Various other these include heather like tints in covert and woolen cheviot.

3. Top Dyeing

Top dyeing can also be the dyeing associated with the fiber prior to it being spun in to yarn and acts the exact same purpose as stock dyeing – which, to make smooth, heather like shade results. The expression top refers to the fibres of wool from which the short fibres happen removed. Top is hence selecting lengthy fibres which are always spin worsted yarn. The most effective in the shape of sliver is colored then mixed with other colors of dyed top to make desired heather shades.

4. Yarn Dyeing
Yarn dyeing could be the dyeing associated with yarns before they've been woven or knitted into materials. Yarn dyeing is employed to create interesting inspections, stripes and plaids with different-colored yarns within the weaving process. In yarn dyeing, dyestuff penetrates the materials in the core associated with yarn.

Yarn dyeing
Yarn dyeing

There are numerous forms of yarn dyeing-

  • Skein (Hank) Dyeing,
  • Bundle Dyeing,
  • Warp-beam Dyeing, and
  • Space Dyeing.
A. Skein (Hank) Dyeing
Skein dyeing is made of immersing big, loosely wound hanks (skeins) of yarn into dye vats which can be particularly created for this function. Soft, lofty yarns, including hand knitted yarns are usually skein dyed. Skein dyeing is the most pricey yarn-dye technique.

B. Bundle Dyeing
In package dyeing the yarn is wound on a tiny perforated spool or pipe known as a bundle. Many spools fit into the dyeing device where circulation of this dye shower alternates through the center toward external, and from the outside towards the center associated with package. Bundle dyed yarns usually do not retain the softness and loftiness that skein-dyed yarns do. They have been nonetheless satisfactory and extremely popular for the majority of forms of yarns which are within knitted and woven fabrics.

C. Warp Beam Dyeing
Beam dyeing may be the much larger type of bundle dyeing. A whole warp beam is wound on to a perforated cylinder, which can be after that placed in the beam dyeing device, in which the circulation associated with dye bathtub alternate as with the bundle dyeing. Beam dyeing is much more affordable than skein or bundle dyeing, however it is only utilized in the manufacture of woven textiles where an entire warp ray is colored. Knitted fabrics, which are mainly produced from the cones of this yarn, are not adaptable to beam dyeing.

5. Part Dyeing
The dyeing of fabric after its becoming woven or knitted is recognized as piece dyeing. It's the most common way of dyeing utilized. The various methods used for this type of dyeing feature jet dyeing. Jig dyeing, pad dyeing and ray dyeing.

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