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Fabric dyeing methods

Damp handling technology and its uses tend to be huge in textile sector. Dyeing process for various textile materials might be various but its fundamental idea is exact same for all. For all types of dyeing pre-treatment is must for removing undesirable products from textile materials. Pre-treatment style varies when it comes to tone of dyed products. Shade could be light or deep. Additionally these pre-treatment is determined by buyer’s requirement. After pre-treatment textile materials are prepared for dyeing. After dyeing after-treatment is essential for obtain the final finished services and products. Finally, that’s product becomes willing to make use of. This sequence can be expressed by a flow chart.

Basic Flow chart of dyeing textile products is much like the followings:

Grey Textile Materials (Fiber, Yarn or fabric)





Today I like to talk about immediately towards various terms of the movement chat. Here, grey textile materials tend to be fibre, yarn or material which will be additionally consider as garbage for dyeing.

Singeing may be the first actions of pre-treatment. The method where loose, hairy and projecting fibers are removed is called Singeing.

Desizing is the second tips of pre-treatment. By this procedure gummy materials are eliminated. Additionally size materials removed by this method.

Scouring could be the third tips of pre-treatment. This procedure is completed for removing impurities associated with textile materials.

Bleaching is yet another important action which is used to cut back natural colour of the garbage. Dyeing overall performance relies on it significantly more.

Mercerizing could be the special forms of treatment. It carries out if customer wishes. It's yet another therapy. It raises the energy and luster associated with the products.

Finishing is the final treatment of wet handling. Several types of properties are added to the materials by different finishing effects.

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