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Textile Dyeing Methods

6cp; 3hpw (workshop)
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Knowledge about textile studies is good results but is perhaps not essential.

Fashion and Textiles



This topic presents students to your concepts of dye, color and resist patterning because they connect with fashion fabrics. Through a number of dye workshops, pupils tend to be introduced to both old-fashioned and modern dye practices and are urged to investigate revolutionary methods to colouring and patterning fabric. In studios, pupils test out natural dyes, mordants and commercial dyes including acid and reactive dyes. Pupils explore rich social textile histories such as the ancient arts of Japanese Shibori and Indigo dyeing. This subject introduces pupils to types of producing resist textile patterning through strategies such as for example binding, sewing, attaching and pleating. The studio explores natural fibers and materials and their commitment to color techniques. Through material experimentation, students develop textile ideas and colour sensibilities in a classy and specific way. An emphasis throughout the subject is placed on a specialist and sustainable printing space practice.

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Spring program, City campus

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