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Dyeing techniques in Textiles

Blue Fabric Square with Gems over the topDo you occasionally view your textile stash and want you had a lot more of a certain color - or a whole rainbow of hues? Think about refreshing your yardage by dyeing your fabric for a brand new spin on any fabric, whether solid or printed.

Sun resist dyeing

Kathy of shares some photographs of fabric dyeing in the sun. Once a textile is dipped inside dye combination, she spreads it to dry under the sun with various items placed on top. The idea usually while the sunlight assists dry the fabric, the subjected places will get less heavy in shade, producing special textures. On the weblog, Kathy describes more about sun resist dyeing with a few interesting components from the home, including soy milk, rice and mini pretzels.

Collage of Colored Fabrics

Wax resist dyeing

Another way to incorporate patterns to textile while dyeing is utilize wax resist. Craftsy user ramonamp worked with white-cotton fabric and a combination of beeswax and paraffin to amp up the woman textiles. Beginning with the lightest colors very first, she utilized a variety of cooking area resources as "stamps” to cover chapters of the textile in wax, before saying the procedure with darker colors of dye. Learn to master this method in the Craftsy course Fabric Patterning with Wax Resist. As well as read our post .

Dip-dyed ombré

Ombré Drapes in WindowIf you admire the gorgeous brand-new ombré fabrics, why-not create your very own with this particular tutorial from CraftFoxes? You’ll only require more than one yards of a white or light-colored material, cold-water material dye and a few various other ingredients to get going. This dip-dyed ombré curtain panel ended up being produced by saturating parts of the fabric in dye for a longer amount of time as compared to top part, that will be entirely white. After dyeing ombré materials, it is possible to cut any forms you’d prefer to attain stunning monochromatic effects.

Fabric dyeing using family objects

Lynda of Bloom, Bake & Create stocks various items of material she dyed with the use of household things. She started with white muslin material and utilized a shibori method that uses PVC pipe and elastic bands to generate the green batik-looking material. Would you recognize the packaging material she accustomed achieve the material dye result within the red test? It’s bubble wrap!

Lynda made these examples as an element of course taught by Jane Dunnewold, and she posts an excellent overview of this course on the blog. Despite the fact that she’d already been dyeing textiles for a while, the class taught her how to use brand-new strategies, like overdyeing, to save some of the woman previous hand-dyed fabrics that didn’t turn out so excellent.

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