High Pressure Garment Dyeing

Garment dyeing techniques

This workshop covers brand new and improved developments in laser and garment handling technologies for producing unique and performance styles and impacts for materials and clothes. This course will cover the basics of laser technology as regarding discharging shade, removing dietary fiber through the surface, sculpturing textile, additionally the formation of holes, alongside results. The tremendous design capabilities of laser technology are going to be demonstrated on knitted and woven materials and clothes (not just denim textiles). New apparel processing technology eg low alcohol ratio dyeing, brand new dyeing processes for garments, and unique garment finishing machines. Attendees is likewise in a position to see and experience Cotton Incorporated’s labs.

Topics Covered

  • Key elements incorporated in laser applications for denim alongside wovens and knit goods.
  • Changes in lasing on various types of fabrics and garments.
  • Crucial properties and needs of associated processing of lased goods.
  • Distressed denim along with other washed down seems making use of lasers.
  • Development of holes for fashion and gratification programs.
  • Brand-new methods in laser technology.
  • Crucial problems with the raw materials for laser treatments.
  • Brand new garment dyeing technologies, ozone, unique results in finishing and washed down looks.

The Reason Why Attend

  • Get technical familiarity with modern-day laser technologies and apparel dyeing/finishing.
  • Understand book fabric/garment finishing practices.
  • Hands-on experience of state-of-the-art handling.
  • Accept high grade training from business professionals.
  • Meet peers from other organizations with comparable duties and interests.

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