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Where can I buy dye for clothes?

This product contains amongst other components: Perfumes

Country of Origin:

Produce associated with EU

Origin Free Text:

Built in the EU

Preparation and consumption:

1. Putting on rubber gloves, vacant clean & Dye dust into washing machine drum & add dry fabric
2. Straight away run a 40°C cotton cycle without pre-wash or economic climate setting
3. Include typical washing detergent & run 40°C cotton fiber period to eliminate extra dye from fabric & to clean the device
4. Dry textile as typical, far from sunlight and heat

Colour Shade
The shade you achieve is determined by 3 things:
1. Fabric Type
Cotton, linen, viscose will color fully shade
Polyester/cotton & polyester/viscose blends will dye to less heavy colors
Wool, silk, polyester, acrylic, nylon & material with unique finishes, e.g.
'dry clean only' cannot be dyed
2. Fabric Amount
Around 500g textile (example. 1 set jeans) will dye to the full shade
At the most 1kg are colored, to less heavy tones
3. Fabric Color
Colour mixing principles apply, e.g. black colored dye on purple material offers burgundy.
Designed fabric will often still show through

Just dye up to 1kg textile and always use whole pack, no further, no less
Dyeing may well not protect stains, faded places or bleach markings
Use in front loading automated washing machines only
After dyeing, wash product individually the first few washes to remove any extra dye
Should any dye be kept into the machine, add a cup of family bleach to drum, include typical detergent & operate device vacant on 40°C pattern
Keep in mind polyester stitching will not color

Name and Address:

Spotless Punch Limited,
Betchworth House,
57-65 Facility Road,
RH1 1DL.

Return To:

Spotless Punch Limited,
Betchworth House,
57-65 Facility Path,
RH1 1DL.
Tel: 01737 781 300
Give Us A Call
If you'd like any advice, or details of our complete color range, our friendly colour experts should be happy to assist.
Simply phone 08
Or go to our internet site

Safety Warning:

Dylon clean & dye velvet-black: covers C.I. Reactive Black 5. May cause sensitisation by inhalation and skin contact. Aggravating to eyes and epidermis. Hold out of the reach of kiddies. Do not breathe dirt. Avoid experience of epidermis. In the event of experience of eyes, wash straight away with numerous liquid and seek health guidance. Use appropriate gloves. In the event of accident or you feel unwell, look for medical guidance straight away (show the label where feasible). In the event of accident by breathing: pull casualty to fresh air and keep at rest.

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