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Can I dye a polyester dress?


User-friendly soluble dye packet. For polyester and plastic textiles. Dyes 1 - 1.3kg of textile. Which iDye? • For 100% natural materials use iDye • For 100per cent polyester & nylon use iDye Poly • For polyester combinations make use of iDye and the corresponding colour of iDye Poly For most readily useful results: • Read entire instructions before you begin • Use the kitchen stove top means for iDye Poly and polyester blends • Use continual agitation for uniform color guidelines STOVE TOP WAY OF 100% POLYESTER AND NYLON: 1. Fill a stainless steel or enamel cooking pot with only enough water when it comes to material to move easily. Turn heat on high. 2. include the iDye Poly soluble dye packet and iDye color Intensifier to liquid and blend until dissolved. 3. include pre-wetted garments or textile and provide a rolling boil. Maintain heat and stir usually for ½ to at least one hour. For uniform color use constant agitation. 4. Wash the apparel with a mild detergent and dried out. STOVE TOP METHOD FOR POLYESTER AND NYLON BLENDS WITH NATURAL FIBERS: 1. Choose iDye Poly color nearest on iDye for natural fabrics you're dyeing and include both packets to color bath. 2. Fill a stainless metallic or enamel pot with just sufficient liquid when it comes to textile to go freely. Start to high temperature. 3. Add iDye Poly, iDye Colour Intensifier, and iDye into the water and stir until mixed. 4. Add garments/fabric and bring to a boil. 5. include 237 ml. of non-iodized salt for cotton fiber, linen and rayon 78 ml. of white vinegar for silk. Avoid pouring right onto material. 6. keep a rolling boil and stir often for ½ to at least one time. For consistent colour usage continual agitation. 7. slowly sweet the textile and wash with a mild detergent and dry. * please be aware that individuals are only a retailer of the item and cannot be held accountable for the results of any task completed. We advise all consumers to carefully follow instructions set out by the manufacture.

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