Dyed silks

Dyeing silk

chocolate cherry veil (offered)By

My new work space in basement:

Having a rack throughout the sink with a hose to wash with is incredibly nice in certain techniques, given that it completely eliminates being forced to fold throughout the sink. My straight back loves that. Regrettably, it's not exactly as handy for completing gallon buckets or bottles (for urea answer or soft drink ash answer). And I need to be cautious that my measuring tools and cup stirring rods don’t autumn through the cracks within the rack!

The washer gets pressed into solution as countertop room:

…which means whenever something must go in to the washer, I have to move every thing. Drat.

Really, i did so get everything from the home, anyway. That had been the theory…


While it’s nothing so dramatic as actually moving home, i did so get a hold of plenty of crisis in moving my dye workspace elsewhere in my home!

Since I have started dye work I’ve already been doing it during my cooking area. I am aware, I know: perhaps not the safest place to be dyeing. But essentially, that is where in fact the microwave oven had been, and that’s where in actuality the water was, which’s in which the old beat-up linoleum ended up being, to ensure that had been the best place to color.

One of several issues with dye work, however, is all the accouterments one piles up for carrying it out. Minimal dye pots… heaps of what to dye… measuring things, combining things, squeezy things, poury things! Gallon jugs to 250ml containers. A bare gram of one thing to a five lb case of another thing. Even though they weren’t all becoming kept in your kitchen, these were right nearby, as well as were using up too much area.

That suggested everything must get in other places… and so I selected it all up lock, stock, and barrel and relocated it down seriously to the laundry location. Today it is just chaos down there as I need to acquire shelving plus some way of arranging everything once more, however in the meantime I dyed some silk wrapped on a pole in my own rough approximation of arashi shibori.

One benefit your kitchen had across basement was workspace, but my husband discovered myself a coated-wire rack that suits beautifully over the washing sink. Voila! workspace and a rinsing rack. He also hunted down a flexible hose to screw to the faucet for lots more choices in rinsing. It works great (although, right here’s a tip: hold it pointing far from you when you change it on).

Actually, the most difficult part about the entire process was that it was like preparing in someone else’s kitchen area. As soon as the soft drink ash is generally indeed there while the urea is generally truth be told there and stirring rods are often indeed there… well, i really couldn’t get a hold of anything. In addition my cup stirring rods can fall amongst the rack slats if I’m perhaps not focusing… it had been all embarrassing, but I do have a great piece hung to dry today. I just need to get used to the new methods… when I figure out what the heck they've been.

We haven’t posted in a very long time. I’ve had countless other things going on, from a job to various hobbies to… really, lots of things. I haven’t done a whole lot of dye work, while We managed myself to a lovely bolt of 6 momme habotai. 6mm over 5mm is great as it plainly sees even more shade through the dye, but keeps the featherweight flow.

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