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Blogger Huda Beauty shared a clip of a blond woman having her hair colored with NutellaNutty concept?

Blogger Huda Beauty shared the crazy chocolate spread technique on Instagram

IT’S the nation’s favourite toast topping but have you ever considered distributing Nutella on your mind?

a crazy hairdresser in Dubai did that and coated it on a client’s blonde hair in a quote to turn them a shiny hazelnut brown color color – and email address details are amazing.


Blogger Huda Beauty shared a clip of a blonde lady having her tresses dyed with Nutella

When you look at the quick video, the customer’s long fantastic tresses is shampooed after which coated with a combination of Nutella and condensed milk.

The stylist shows the digital camera a container of Nutella, which he after that coats the woman’s locks inStrands of locks are then put in foils, and this woman is seen waiting around for the chocolate treat to immerse in.

The stylist reveals the camera a jar of Nutella, which he then coats the woman’s tresses in The Nutella is blended with tablespoon-sized portions of condensed milk

The foils tend to be then eliminated in addition to gloopy Nutella and milk blend is washed out.

The stylist then cuts and strike dries this lady mane, which includes completely changed color.

The termination of the movie views the now-brunette girl providing the digital camera a thumbs-up.

The Nutella is blended with tablespoon-sized portions of condensed milkeven though many social media people were astounded using the dyeing strategy, numerous were baffled as to how it really works.

That is fan good!

Footage reveals what is truly inside container of Nutella... and you will be shocked when you see it


McDonald’s are introducing a Nutella burger...and we should decide to try one now

You will get dough-nuts for those:

Fabulous Nutella doughnuts you are able to home

get peanuts for peanuts

Snacking on just a small number of peanuts every single day could 'halve chance of dying from respiratory diseases', research shows

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The woman’s locks is put in foils to help the chocolate combination to sink in“The level of concerns i've, ” commented one person, while another stated: “Is that real? We can’t believe it…”

Someone else added: “Omg if Nutella may be used as a hair dye can you imagine exactly what it's doing to our intestinal tract? Men and women shouldn’t eat that material.”

“Omg it is some next degree love s***. That would of also thought to put it in your locks tho?” stated another.

The woman’s hair is placed in foils to enable the chocolate blend to sink in After the film the color of the woman locks has actually entirely changed to a shiny brown shade

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