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Dye Rinse

Dyeing in a washing machine is the most convenient method for dyeing large things and will not harm the machine if done properly. However, the dyes may stain the device all over synthetic parts therefore it’s vital that you cleanup immediately after dyeing. Since items must be dyed in the hottest pattern, this technique doesn't work well for things that tend to be washable in cool water or are dry clean only. Whenever dyeing what to a lighter or various shade, very first use Rit colors Remover assure you have along with you desire.

We do not suggest dyeing significantly more than 8 weight of textile at once in washer, or dyeing slipcovers and draperies in a front side loader due to the fact products tend to be cumbersome and could come to be twisted throughout the dyeing process that could end in the fabric becoming striped or splotchy from irregular dyeing. Given the amount of liquid the device can hold, utilizing above 8 packages of dust or 4 containers of liquid dye in one single load will most likely end in the dye planning to waste rather than being consumed to the garments, though there’s no harm in using more dye if you want.

Prep, dye and clean time: About an hour

You’ll Need

  • Item(s) to dye
  • Rit Dye, fluid or dust
  • 1 glass sodium or white vinegar, based on item
  • Measuring glass
  • Rubber gloves
  • Fluid detergent
  • 1-2 cups chlorine bleach
  • 3-4 old towels
  • Optional: Rit Dye Fixative

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